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"You have suffered damage to your central processing unit."
"You mean my brain?"
"That was a joke. It is meant to put you at ease."
IG-11 and Din Djarin[1]
BT-16 Perimeter Defence Droid

The bottled brain of a B'omarr monk

The brain was an organ in lifeforms that served as the center for consciousness and reasoning. Species like the Cereans[2] and the Siniteen had larger brains than average.[3] The Siniteen named Pons Limbic was nicknamed "Brainiac" as he could mentally calculate hyperspace jumps.[4]

Members of the B'omarr Order had their brains removed and placed in jars filled with nutrient fluid, which could then be attached to spider-like droid walkers, allowing the monk to move about.[4]

Darth Sidious had the clone troopers' brains implanted with behavioral modification biochips to enact Order 66.[5] The AJ^6 cyborg construct was a brain implant used by Imperial workers to improve productivity, but at the cost of an individual's personality.[6]

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