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A brain

In most species, the brain was the control center of the central nervous system and it served as the center of cognitive abilities. It was found in most species in the galaxy and was usually located in the skull. Its severe injury or loss resulted in death.

A lobotomy was a surgical procedure performed on the brain, which often resulted in impairment or docility in the patient.[1]

The B'omarr Order removed the brains of enlightened monks and put them in a droid walker. Since the brain regulated virtually all of the being's activities and was the center of a being's consciousness, the brain transplantation resulted in the movement of the monk's identity from body to droid walker. The Anzati fed on the soup, or brains, of others.

During an attack on the first Death Star, Daala suffered a shrapnel wound to her head, forcing Cerean neurosurgeon Abu Banu and Doctors Kornell Divini and Roa to remove the piece from her brain. They identified it going into one of her two hippocampi and the adjacent cortex as well as the Cornu Ammonis fields one through three and the subiculum. They agreed that it might lead to some memory loss, as much as a full standard year.[2]



Brain of General Grievous

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