Brainrot Plague, also known throughout the galaxy as Loedorvian Brain Plague and Brainworm Rot, was an extremely deadly affliction noted to have been found in humanoids and cephalopoids with high levels of dialogen in their bloodstream, including Humans and Neimoidians (and presumably Duros and other Near-Duros), Anomids, and Wol Cabasshites. The plague attacked the brain and central nervous system, killing its victims in a short period of time.

Prior to the Clone Wars it struck the population of Jabiim to which the Galactic Republic did not send aid. It was used as a biological weapon by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the height of the Clone Wars. General Grievous ordered Separatist forces to release the plague on the Weemell sector, wiping out the entire Human population, including the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. The sector was rendered uninhabitable in a matter of months.

The plague was found in three different types: Brainworm Rot Type A, B, and C.

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