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Brakiss's mother was a female Human who lived on the planet of Msst. She gave birth to a Force-sensitive child called Brakiss, but as a baby, he was taken away from her by agents of the Galactic Empire. Brakiss was allowed to visit her occasionally, but he never seemed the same to her. When the Empire abandoned Msst, she remained behind and stole various bits of Imperial equipment that helped her to survive. In 17 ABY, Brakiss visited her and told her that Luke Skywalker would come there looking for Brakiss and that he wanted her to direct the Jedi Master to Telti. On Luke's arrival on Msst, he was injured by the mistmakers and Brakiss's mother rescued him and put him in a bacta tank. She told him about Telti, but urged him not to go, as Brakiss wanted to kill Skywalker and she felt that Brakiss had got a proper job for the first time in his life and didn't want Skywalker ruining that.



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