Branno was a Human male Captain of the Galactic Republic living during the Galactic War against the resurgent Sith Empire. During the Dread War on Oricon in 3639 BBY, Branno was among the Republic fleet send to end the threat of Dread Masters. However, the Sith overwhelmed the men with dread while the fleet was still in orbit and many ships crashed onto the moons service, while some men like Branno jettisoned in escape pods. Upon reaching surface, Branno was unexpectedly rescued by Imperials and was brought to the Dread Executioners camp. There, Sith Lord Hargrev offered Branno and other rescued Republic soldiers a temporary truce to strike against their common enemy: the Dread Masters. Branno was reluctant to the idea, but as neither side alone was strong enough to battle the Dread Host, he had no choice but to aid the Empire.


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