"He deals in 'fine goods' and he owes me big, so expect to get something nice."
Riley to her sibling[src]

Brask was a Trandoshan male active during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star, he operated a requisitions depot on the planet Burnin Konn, located in the Anoat sector. Riley, a human thief, was acquainted with Brask and instructed her sibling to requisition equipment from the Trandoshan. Brask offered to trade his standard stock with the sibling for requisition scrips, but also explained that he had special items available to trade for chromium. Brask then gifted the customer a case of his special stock, as he owed Riley a favor.[1]

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Brask first appeared in the 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Uprising.[1]



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