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"This is Bravo Four. I'm picking up a wave of enemy tanks approaching from the crater entrance."
―Bravo 4[src]

Bravo 4 was one of three TX-130 Saber-class fighter tanks that composed Bravo Squadron during the Clone Wars. The unit was led by Anakin Skywalker. They saw action during the Battle of Thule.


With Republic forces rapidly converging on the planet Thule, Bravo Squadron was deployed on its moon via an Acclamator-class assault ship along with the Jedi Anakin Skywalker with the task of disabling a planetary shield protecting Thule, denying the Republic any entry until it could be destroyed. The taskforce was detected by the Separatist upon landing, in which a landing craft promptly appeared and began to deploy multiple craft.[1]

As Heavy Artillery Guns opened fire on the assault ship, numerous Ground Armored Tanks and Hailfire droids began to enter the area, engaging Skywalker and his squadron. With enemy artillery posing a serious threat to the hull integrity of the ship, Skywalker moved to engage them—including their escorts of AATs and Spider walkers. When the area was cleared, a convoy of Republic Troop Transports disembarked with a contingent of clone engineers en route to the generator complex.[1]

Now piloting an AT-XT, Skywalker mobilized his Squadron to escort the convoy. The group encountered additional waves of spider walkers, tanks, and STAPs before one of the transports succumbed to artillery fire from a distance. Bravo 4 held his position to defend the remaining transports while Skywalker moved to eliminate the enemy units ahead. Now on the move, the group engaged additional units before the convoy approached the perimeter of the complex. With the complex breached, Bravo 4 remained outside to guard against possible attacks from the rear while Skywalker assaulted the compound. Thanks to Bravo 4's efforts, Skywalker was successful in lowering the shield, completing the first phase of the mission.[1]



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