"Anything other than optimal would be wasteful"
―One of the Bonecrusher's droid brains[src]

The Braxant Bonecrusher — originally the Braxant Brave — was an Old Republic–era Dreadnaught-class cruiser.


Captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn during his raid on the Katana fleet, the aging ship was refitted by the Imperial Remnant during the Yuuzhan Vong War for use in a suicide mission.

Already outfitted with slave circuits to reduce its required crew complement, old combat droid brains recovered from the SD project were hardwired into the ship to control the remaining un-automated systems. Although perhaps overly pragmatic, the droid brains were capable of flying the Dreadnaught to its target and protecting its passengers until selective shield failures and specially placed charges created the illusion of the ship's destruction.

During the Battle of Borosk, the ship was hastily reconfigured for use in a mission to rescue prisoners from a Yuuzhan Vong Slaveship and renamed for Saba Sebatyne's Barabel hunting analogy. The ship carried the Jade Shadow and a small group of TIE Fighters, as well a squadron of older TIEs controlled by lesser droid brains to the rear of the Yuuzhan vong fleet, where Saba and Danni Quee boarded the ship and liberated the slaves.

Jacen Solo remained aboard the ship to coordinate the attack. Though the Bonecrusher suffered extensive damage, the mission was successful. The droid brains volunteered to join Jacen on the search for Zonama Sekot, but the ship was forced to remain behind for repairs.



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