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"If it serves the First Order, nothing is beneath you."
―Captain Bray[src]

Bray was a human male flametrooper who held the rank of captain in the First Order Stormtrooper Corps. During the cold war, after a blockage of creatures attacked personnel in one of the tunnels on Starkiller Base, Bray served as the commanding officer of a cleaning crew deployed to remove the "infestation." Prior to the operation, one of the crew's stormtroopers, FN-2187, asked what they what be facing, but Bray had no information for the soldier.

Once they were inside the tunnel, the crew was attacked by the creatures, and Bray was overwhelmed. To save his captain, FN-2187 used Bray's flamethrower to kill the animals attacking him, although the trooper burned him in the process. When it seemed like their mission was complete, Bray ordered FN-2187 to clean up the creature's remains and, thinking that the trooper thought himself above his task, threatened to reassign the trooper to be a trash guard if he complained. However, FN-2187 ultimately discovered that the creatures were actually a native species, so the stormtrooper went to Bray and suggested moving the animals. As the Captain believed the animals were worthless and thought FN-2187 was complaining, Bray punished the trooper by ordering him to guard trash heading to the Garbage Moon of Maher. However, FN-2187 had planned to anger Bray, as he could now release some of the creatures to safety on the moon.


"Infestation" on Starkiller BaseEdit

"What kind of blockage is this, Captain?"
"It's more of an infestation."
"That doesn't sound so bad."
"The infestation already ate two people."
―FN-2187 and Captain Bray[src]
Bray tests his flamethrower

Captain Bray speaks with FN-2187 about the so-called "infestation."

During the cold war, Bray served as a captain and flametrooper in the armed forces of the First Order,[1] the successor state to the Galactic Empire,[2] aboard its Starkiller Base[1] superweapon.[3] After one of Starkiller's construction units encountered a blockage in the form of a so-called "infestation" of creatures, Bray and a cleaning crew of stormtroopers were deployed to remedy the situation. The animals had eaten two First Order personnel, leaving only one survivor, but Bray's men were unable to get any information from him. To help Bray's operation, Captain Phasma assigned troopers FN-2187 and FN-3761 to his crew.[1]

Upon arriving at Deck Nine, FN-2187 was confused as to why a cleaning crew was made up of troopers, but Bray, while testing his flamethrower, informed him that they were dealing with an infestation capable of eating people. As Bray had no other information for the stormtrooper, he allowed FN-2187 to speak with the only survivor of the creature's attack. By the time Bray called for the crew to go, the survivor had not said anything useful, but he then told FN-2187 that the "infestation" had teeth.[1]

Into the tunnelEdit

"Why don't we just fill this thing with explosives?"
"Because, FN-3761, this tunnel is worth a lot more to the First Order than you are."
―FN-3761 and Captain Bray[src]
Bray is overwhelmed

Captain Bray is overwhelmed by the creatures.

Before entering the "infested" tunnel, Bray informed his stormtroopers that they would be fighting in the dark and rejected FN-3761's idea of using explosives in the tunnel, citing that it was worth more to the First Order than the trooper was. After the soldiers entered the tunnel, using floodlights to see ahead, the creatures attacked with a sonic scream. The animals soon appeared and began to overwhelm the stormtrooper officer, causing him to fall and drop his flamethrower.[1]

Seeing his commanding officer in trouble, FN-2187 took the fallen flamethrower and, believing Bray would be safe due to his heat-resistant flametrooper armor, fired it at Bray and the creatures. Bray was burned, but the animals attacking him were all killed. Afterwards, it seemed like the infestation had been cleared out, so Bray ordered for the troopers to withdraw, although he told FN-2187 to bring in a trash skiff and clean up the mess. FN-2187 asked if this job was because he had been hit by the flames, but Bray instead asked the stormtrooper if he felt like he was above the job. Before FN-2187 could answer, Bray cut him off and said that nothing was above a task that served the First Order. He then threatened FN-2187 by saying that, if he said anything else that sounded like a complaint, he would be tasked with escorting trash.[1]

Reassigning FN-2187Edit

"Report to sanitation. You want to defend something worthless? You can spend some time escorting garbage."
―Captain Bray reassigns FN-2187[src]
Bray gets upset

As FN-2187 had hoped, Captain Bray reassigned him to be a guard on a ship heading to the trash moon.

During clean up duty, FN-2187 complained to himself by saying that Bray was only slightly on fire. However, the stormtrooper encountered the creatures and discovered that they were actually a native species. Knowing that the creatures would be killed when they were found, he devised a plan to get them off the planet. The trooper reunited with the crew and, despite being warned that the Captain was angry, FN-2187 told Bray that they should save the animals. However, Bray did not care what happened to the animals and snapped at the trooper. Fulfilling his earlier statement, Bray ordered him go to sanitation and protect trash going to the Garbage Moon of Maher.[1]

However, FN-2187 had planned to be sent away and brought some of the creatures with him, so they could be safe on the moon. After arriving at the garbage ship, FN-2187 told its owner, Marialew, that he had been given the job because he burned his captain, which she said was enough to warrant it. When they reached the moon, FN-2187 and Marialew dropped the animals off with some of their own kind, as some creatures were already on-site due to previous excavations. Ultimately, FN-2187's act of defiance was not his last,[1] as he would go onto desert the First Order and join Leia Organa's Resistance.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Don't talk to him right now. He's pretty angry."
―A stormtrooper tries to stop FN-2187 from talking to Bray[src]
Bray FN-2187 and co

While Captain Bray had a strong loyalty to the First Order, he believed his stormtroopers were expendable.

Bray was a bald male human with dark skin. He served as a captain in the First Order's Stormtrooper Corps and had an individual name,[1] which was a rarity among the organization's membership.[5] Bray was a loyal soldier and believed no one was above a task that served the First Order. However, he also believed that the Order's individual stormtroopers were not its most valuable asset, so Bray was fine with bringing them into danger if it meant saving something deemed to be more important. His loyalty to the First Order also meant he had no qualms about killing a native species for the future of Starkiller Base, and he went as far as to say the creatures were worthless.[1]

Captain Bray could also grow angry at his soldiers. He punished FN-2187 for what he viewed to be complaints, and, when FN-2187 tried to explain himself, he cut him off. Bray also had at least a slight sense of humor, as, after he was burned by FN-2187, the Captain looked at the trooper and said "Ow."[1]


"You're in heat-resistant armor. I was pretty sure you weren't going to be cooked."
―FN-2187, to Bray[src]
Bray flamthrower

Captain Bray uses his D-93 Incinerator flamethrower.

Bray used the standard issue D-93 Incinerator flamethrower and heat-resistant armor worn by First Order flametroopers, although he also donned a pauldron to show his rank of captain. Part of his armor was his flametrooper helmet, which he referred to as a "bucket."[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bray first appeared in Age of Resistance - Finn 1, written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Ramon Rosanas.[1] The comic was released on July 3, 2019.[6]


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