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"You should know better than invade my kitchen on baking day."
"Then you shouldn't let the smell into the garden."
"You must be here for the meeting. You can go though those doors and turn left for the reception rooms. Here. I'll be bringing refreshments to the meeting, but you can sneak a piece. One slice, that's all."
"Best in the galaxy."
"I don't fall for flattery."
"I didn't think you would."
Ferus Olin sampling Memily's bread[src]

Bread was a type of food prepared by cooking a dough of ingredients and baking it in an oven.[2] It had an outer crust[3] and contained grain.[4]

Bread was enjoyed by a number of species. It was often served in slices.[5] Once baked, it could subsequently be toasted.[6] It could be topped with butter[7][8] and various spreads, such as honey[5] or jam.[7]

Humans considered bread a symbol of nutrition par excellence. The common expression "take bread out of someone's mouth" meant "deprive someone of livelihood." The Queen of Naboo Padmé Amidala once used that metaphor when she blamed Supreme Chancellor Valorum for allowing the Trade Federation to blockade her planet.[9] The agricultural planet of Merisee was known as the "Bread-basket of Elrood sector.[10][11]



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