"Breakout" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television December 29, 2019[1] on Disney Channel.

Official description[]

Kaz and Norath hatch a plan to rescue their friends, but bounty hunter Ax Tagrin looks to capture them once and for all..[3]

Plot summary[]

First Order entanglements[]

The episode opens with a shot of Commander Pyre's Upsilon-class command shuttle, two Atmospheric Assault Landers, and two TIE fighters approaching Vargo Spaceport. The Iktotchi bounty hunter Ax Tagrin has captured Jarek Yeager, Synara San, and CB-23 and leads his captives to the main hangar. Several alien and humanoid merchants are startled by the arrival of the First Order and scatter.

Resistance spies Kazuda Xiono and Norath Kev hide by a wall as the First Order convoy flies past. Using a pair of macrobinoculars, Kaz discovers that Synara, Yeager, and CB-23 have been captured by Tagrin. Kaz realizes that he now has to rescue his friends from the First Order. Kev regrets putting out the distress call, saying that he didn't anticipate that things would escalate so quickly. Kaz reassures him that it is not at fault and that the bounty hunter wanted him to put out that distress call to lure more Resistance members into a trap.

Commander Pyre disembarks from his shuttle with First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny and several stormtroopers. He sends troops to secure the perimeter. Tagrin demands that Pyre pay him immediately. However, Pyre refuses because he only sees a collaborator and a pirate and not three Resistance agents. Tagrin promises to find the other Resistance operatives and reminds Pyre to uphold his end of the bargain. Pyre agrees but warns Tagrin that he will get nothing if his men catch them first.

The First Order take CB, Yeager, and Synara into custody. Agent Tierny is delighted to meet Yeager again, saying ominously that they didn't get to talk the last time and that in any case she looks forward to getting to know him. She and the stormtroopers lead their captives aboard the shuttle.

Captain Doza's dilemma[]

While First Order TIE fighters circle Vargo Spaceport, Kev warns Xiono that the First Order will be interrogating his friends. Kaz receives a comlink transmission from Captain Imanuel Doza but can barely hear him since he has hidden the Colossus space station inside a red gas giant. Kaz tells Captain Doza that a bounty hunter has captured Yeager, Synara and CB-23. Doza explains that he has powered down the Colossus and hidden in some electrical interference but fears it is only a matter of time before the First Order finds them. Kaz tells Captain Doza to hold out as long as possible since he has gotten a plan to rescue everyone. Doza warns him to hurry up since they may have to jump away without them.

Torra Doza implores her father not to jump into hyperspace since Kaz and Yeager will have no way of finding them. Captain Doza promises to keep them here as long as he can but warns that they will have to jump in order to save the inhabitants of the Colossus.

The First Order occupation[]

Back at Vargo Spaceport, Norath startles Kaz and asks what is his plan to rescue everyone and get them out. When pressed by Norath, Kaz claims he has a plan but Kev is skeptical. Kaz says he is still formulating a plan but that he has to think. The two duck as a stormtrooper questions a purple Gabdorin vendor about their whereabouts.

Aboard the Thunderer, Lieutenant Galek informs Commander Pyre that so far they have found no sign of the Colossus. Pyre orders her to continue her search. Meanwhile at the spaceport, Pyre and a pair of stormtroopers hook up CB-23 to a torture device. A stormtrooper confirms that the droid's memory core is intact but that it is heavily protected.

When Pyre asks if he can decrypt it, the stormtrooper says that the droid is blocking her scanners. CB-23 beeps. Pyre orders him to disable it and demands for the names of agents, locations of bases, military codes, and any information that they can be use to root out and destroy the Resistance. CB is subject to electrocution in order to break her down.

Meanwhile, Agent Tierny has Synara tortured in an interrogation chair with electricity in the presence of Yeager, who is also bound to one. She demands the location of the Colossus. Yeager tells her to stop torturing Synara and Tierny notices his compassion for the pirate. Yeager counters that unlike her he is a compassionate person. Tierny counters that Tamara Ryvora would beg to differ. She continues questioning Yeager.

Improvising a rescue plan[]

In the Vargo spaceport marketplace, Kaz and Norath avoid a stormtrooper patrol by hiding among the merchandise. Kev reminds Xiono that they can't hide forever and that they need a plan. Kaz tells Kev that his plan is to ambush a couple of stormtroopers, steal their armor, and infiltrate the hangar and rescue everybody. Norath disagrees but Kaz begs him to trust him.

Kaz accidentally trips over a basket of fruits, alerting a pair of stormtroopers who fire stun bolts. The two flee through the streets. Kaz calls to a purple Gabdorin merchant for help. The alien refuses to get involve but Kaz and Norath force him to hide them in his ship, muffling him. The stormtroopers walk past and Norath chides Kaz for his foolhardy plan. The Gabdorin breaks free, drawing the stormtroopers' attention.

The stormtroopers demand they open up and blast down the door. They find the Gabdorin merchant holding a basket and inform him they are looking for two Resistance spies. The alien remains a silent but blinks several times. Kaz and Norath knock them out with Kaz saying that they can steal their armor as disguises. The Gabdorin merchant orders them to leave and throws fruit at them. Kaz and Norath drag the unconscious stormtroopers to a corner.

Meanwhile, Ax activates a glowing green device and watches from a high vantage point. He watches Kaz and Norath walking in their stolen stormtrooper armor. Kaz tries to reassure Kev that his rescue plan will work. Unknown to them, their communications is being intercepted by Tagrin.

Behind enemy lines[]

As they approach the hangar, Norath complains that he can't see through his helmet and that it is too tight. Kaz quips that his head is too big. They manage to blend with the stormtroopers, one of whom calls them rookies. Kaz leads Norath towards the hangar.

Meanwhile, Agent Tierny says wants answers and questions Yeager about how he contacts General Organa and where the Resistance is hiding as he is subjected to electric torture. Yeager says that he can't tell her something he doesn't know but Tierny thinks he is lying and screams it. She tells him that Tamara told her many interesting things about Yeager's past with the Rebellion willingly and without coercion. Yeager counters that she manipulated Tam by feeding her nothing but lies and that she will realize how evil the First Order is and take her down without Tierny realizing.

Tierny dismisses Yeager's threat and says that by the time that he has accepted that Tamara has betrayed him and joined them, the rest of his "pathetic crew" will have paid for his ignorance with their lives. Just then, Agent Tierny receives a message over the intercom to attend to a matter at console A2. Tierny vows to continue their conversation before leaving.

Synara asks if he is alright and Yeager reassure her that he has been through worse and quips that this is barely a tickle. Synara warns him that Tierny is a relentless interrogator who won't stop until she gets answers and asks how they are going to get out of here.

Meanwhile, Tagrin places a slicing device on Kaz's Star Commuter 2000 shuttle, which allows him to open its door. Outside the hangar, Kaz tries to reassure Norath that his plan will work, saying that he once wore stormtrooper armor during an undercover mission. It begins raining and the two blend with a stormtrooper patrol.

A narrow escape[]

Meanwhile, Ax Tagrin uses the shuttle's computer to home in on the location of the Colossus. Aboard the Colossus, Torra along with Hype Fazon and Freya Fenris try to convince Captain Doza to let the Ace Squadron stay behind and call for a pick-up when Kaz is ready. Captain Doza thinks it is too risky. Just then, 4D-M1N informs them of an incoming transmission from Varkana.

Torra responds to the transmission but there is only silence. Captain Doza switches off the transmitter since he recognizes it as a signal trace. Tagrin contacts Commander Pyre who asks what is it and tells him to get ready to pay up because he found what they're looking for. Pyre contacts Lieutenant Galek and dispatches her to the Colossus' coordinates, ordering her to find it and destroy it. Galek gives her confirmation and relays her orders to her crew.

4D informs Captain Doza that the Thunderer is converging on their position. Realizing that they have been found, Captain Doza says they have to jump now. Torra disagrees and says they can't abandon Kaz and his team. She begs her father to consider her plan.

Commander Pyre's Star Destroyer soon finds the Colossus departing from the red gas giant. Lieutenant Galek orders the bridge crew to engage tractor beams and prepare all cannons on her mark. However, the Colossus jumps into hyperspace. Galek informs Commander Pyre, who orders Agent Tierny and a stormtrooper to rip CB-23 apart for information on the Colossus' whereabouts. CB is subject to another round of electrocution.

Infiltrating the base[]

A disguised Kaz and Norath break a way from the stormtrooper patrol and enter the hangar. The two are relieved that Kaz's plan seems to be working but soon encounter Commander Pyre, who is exiting the building. Pyre demands their call number. Kaz says it is 425 before stunning the officer. Norath is surprised by Kaz's perceived recklessness. When three stormtroopers approach them, they claim that the door is malfunctioning and that there is nothing to see.

Meanwhile, the stormtrooper in the second interrogation chamber informs Agent Tierny that he has gotten access to CB-23's main databanks. Tierny orders him to drain every bit of information and then to destroy the droid. After Tierny leaves, CB-23 manages to latch her grappling cable onto the stormtrooper, electrocuting him. Breaking free, she accesses a network terminal and fries the computers. Agent Tierny hears the commotion and returns to the second interrogation room. CB-23 swings into her using her grappling cable, knocking the First Order Security Bureau agent unconscious.

Meanwhile, a disguised Kaz and Norath approach the Atmospheric Assault Lander where Yeager and Synara are being held captive. Kaz and Norath free Yeager and Synara. Kaz introduces Norath to Synara. They are soon joined by CB, who says she is rescuing them.

Escaping Tagrin and the First Order[]

The five sneak out of the troop lander. Kaz tries to contact Captain Doza but hears no response. At Synara's advice, they decide to head back to the shuttle. The group return to the shuttle. Kaz and Synara enter the cockpit only to be ambushed by Ax Tagrin. Kaz manages to lock Tagrin in the cockpit and gets CB to lock the ramp.

While Tagrin uses his vibro-ax to hack his way out, Kaz and the others discuss their options. Synara warns that the door is not to going to last much longer. Kaz asks CB if she can remotely fly the shuttle. Tagrin soon forces his way out of the ship and activates a flash detonator. He surprises Kaz and the others.

However, CB has taken control of the shuttle and uses it to ram Tagrin. She then uses its engines to knock the bounty hunter to the ground. Commander Pyre arrives to find a incapacitated Tagrin. He and his men fire at the shuttle but are unable to stop its escape. Pyre orders Lieutenant Galek to target her TIEs onto the runaway shuttle.

Aces to the rescue[]

Aboard the shuttle, Kaz thanks CB-23 for her work while Norath thanks Kaz for his trooper disguise plan. They are soon set upon by three TIE fighters. As Kaz flies the ship, Yeager tells him they need to make an emergency jump. Kaz tells CB to make a random jump to a safe place. Before the TIEs can finish them off, Torra arrives with the rest of Ace Squadron and tells him that they have his back.

Hype vows to show these TIEs a "thing or two." As the Aces wipe out the TIEs, Norath asks who are those pilots. The Aces escort Kaz's Star Commuter 2000 shuttle into space where they are met by the Thunderer, which dispatches three squadrons. Torra radios her dad that they are ready to go.

Before the TIEs can intercept them, the Colossus exits hyperspace, causing some of the TIEs to collide into it. Norath is amazed that this is Kaz's ship. After the Aces and Kaz's shuttle have boarded, Captain Doza orders 4D to jump into hyperspace.


While traveling through hyperspace, Norath thanks Captain Doza for the rescue and tells him that the Resistance owes him a debt. Captain Doza says he didn't do it for the Resistance but came back for his people.

Neeku Vozo is delighted to see Kaz again in stormtrooper armor and recalls that Kaz said it was not comfortable. Norath credits this armor with saving their lives while Neeku says he has never seen stormtrooper armor protect anyone from anything. Kaz says it is more a disguise. Before Kaz and Neeku can argue about armor, Norath suggests that they ditch this armor and invites Kaz to help him with the Resistance. Kaz thanks Norath for his offer but says he is unable to leave his Colossus friends yet. He invites Norath and Neeku for drinks at Aunt Z's Tavern.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
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  • Star Wars Resistance Theme & Score by – Michael Tavera
  • Original Star Wars Themes & Score by – John Williams
  • Co-producer – Josh Rimes
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Notes and references[]

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