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Anakin Skywalker, a Human male, displays defined chest muscles beneath his breasts.

"We're just having another dinner." [Leia breastfeeds Jaina]
"They eat like starving Wookiees. Jacen done already?"
"Just wanted a snack, I guess. He'll probably want the second course in an hour or so."
"I wish they'd get together on scheduling." [Jacen grips Han's finger] "He's going to be a strong one."
"You should feel the grip at this end."
―Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo, discussing their infant twins[1]

Breasts were a functional anatomical feature in some mammalian species that gave birth to live offspring and fed them with milk secreted by their mammary glands. Some non-mammalian species had the appearance of breasts, along with some droids with feminine programming, but they did not have milk-producing mammary glands.[2]

Mammalian species

"Jaina is fine—so is Mara."
"So how come Mara isn't there?"
"Mara can't exactly drop what she's doing either. She's feeding Ben."
―Luke Skywalker and Han Solo[3]

One of the defining traits of mammalian species was nursing their newborn offspring[4] with milk secreted by their mammary glands.[5] Among mammals that had breasts, the number varied with species, but two was common.[4]

Askajian females such as Yarna d'al' Gargan had six breasts.

Askajian females gave birth to sets of up to six children, called cubs, and nursed them with their six breasts[4] that were grouped in pairs down their torso.[6] Yarna d'al' Gargan was an Askajian who gave birth to four cublings, one of whom was killed when slavers captured her family. The surviving cublings were kept in Jabba Desilijic Tiure's Mos Eisley town house while she was forced[7] to dance for the crime lord at his palace.[6] Though many beings considered her beautiful,[8] Jabba made her wear wart-like makeup, and his audiences jeered and laughed when she danced.[7] After Jabba's death,[6] she escaped his palace and used gems she had secretly saved and then hidden between her lowest set of breasts to buy back her cublings.[7] Working as a trader alongside the Geranite hunter Doallyn, she sometimes danced by choice to earn extra credits. When she performed the Dance of the Seventy Violet Veils at the wedding of Leia Organa and Han Solo, she was spotted by an exotic lingerie designer who hired her to model his extravagantly jeweled brassieres.[9]

Other sentient species whose females had more than two breasts included Gran, who had three[10] grouped in a row,[11] and Wookiees, who had six; accounts differ as to whether Wookiees nursed and birthed litters of cubs[12] or only one at a time.[13] The number of breasts was variable among sows of the porcine Gamorrean species. Matron Kufbrug of the Bolgoink clan had eight[14] and Matron Bullyak of the Gakfedd tribe had six,[15] but other sows had only one set of two breasts.[16] Their breasts were grouped in pairs with additional sets below the others. Having a large body capable of supporting multiple parasitic bloodsuckers called morrts was a status symbol amongst Gamorreans; thus, their presence was welcomed on the bosoms of Ugmush, Kufbrug,[14] and Bullyak.[15]

It was common for females to nurse their young at their breasts in Human cultures. On Dathomir, the warrior-women of the Singing Mountain Clan breastfed their children in settings that included solemn councils of war.[17] In the Skywalker and Solo families, Leia Organa Solo nursed her twins, Jaina and Jacen Solo;[1] Mara Jade Skywalker nursed her son, Ben Skywalker;[3] and Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo of the Hapes Consortium nursed her daughter, Allana Solo. To more easily feed Allana, Tenel Ka wore clothing with two nursing flaps.[18] Humans infants could also be fed by other beings and methods, such as milk or formula dispensed into bottles by droids.[19]

K'Kruhk, a male Whiphid

For many mammalian species, male breast tissue generally conformed to the shape of the underlying muscles. For instance, the Human Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker had defined muscles on his chest,[20] as did the Human males Mandalore the Lesser,[21] Aron Peacebringer,[22] Galen Marek,[23] and the Korun leader Kar Vastor.[24] The Jedi Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi, a Cerean[25] and K'Kruhk, a Whiphid, also had such musculature.[26] An example of a Human male with larger breasts was Malakili,[6] a Corellian who tamed and trained the rancor kept in the dungeon beneath Jabba the Hutt's palace.[27]

The Codru-Ji were born as canines and became four-armed humanoids in their adult life stage.[13] Each pair of arms had a pair of breasts between them, and most were flat,[16] but the upper pair could be developed on female Codru-Ji.[28]

Non-mammalian species

Amphibians and aquatic species

A Mon Calamari male and female with differing chest structures

The Chagrians, Mon Calamari, Nautolans, Pa'lowicks,[4] Melodies, Shawda Ubbs,[5] Inleshats,[29] and Issori[30] were some of the amphibious species whose offspring hatched from fertilized eggs,[4] yet they were also known to have at least one gender with anatomical features that resembled mammalian breasts. Rounded breasts were seen among the oviparous female Pa'lowicks,[6] Nautolans,[31] Melodies,[5] Issori,[32] Inleshats,[29] and Chagrians.[33] They were also seen on the aquatic-dwelling female Quarrens[34] and Qwohogs,[35] and the Iskalonian female Dania Francis.[36] Female Mon Calamari had rounded breasts, but the chest structure of Mon Calamari males differed from that of mammals.[37]

Unlike the breasts of male mammals,[38] nipples or similar features were not apparent on the breasts of male Inleshats,[29] Nautolans, Quarrens,[39] or Shawda Ubbs.[40] Qwohog males, however, appeared to have nipples.[28]


"About time you showed up again, Cade. I was beginnin' to feel lonely and... neglected."
"You were always too much woman for me, Jool. How's business?"
―Queen Jool and Cade Skywalker[41]

At Queen Jool's oasis on Zeltros, the female Hutt wore a swim top similar to those worn by Deliah Blue and other Zeltron females, while the male Zeltrons and Humans Jariah Syn and Cade Skywalker went without.

Unlike bipedal species, the bodies of gastropods acted as a large foot to move themselves.[4] Despite their anatomical differences from bipeds and from mammals, Quockrans had a pair of heavy breasts that each had a small protrusion.[5]

Multiple female Hutts had a pair of breasts, such as the crime lords Prello Anjiliac[42] and Gardulla Besadii the Elder.[43] The mother of multiple Hutts including Ziro Desilijic Tiure, many of Mama's features were larger in size than those of other Hutts.[44] During the Clone Wars, a pin-up poster of a Hutt could be seen in the Coruscant Underworld.[45] Queen Jool, owner of Rik's Cantina on Coruscant[41] and Paradise on Zeltros, regularly wore clothing over her breasts, including a floral-patterned swim top when she soaked in outdoor pools.[46]


Some sentient plant-based species had breasts. T'ra Saa was a shape-shifting tree-like Neti whose humanoid form included breasts.[47] The Zelosian species, which was classified as Near-Human, was believed to have either descended from intelligent plant life or been genetically engineered. Though they were visually indistinguishable from humans, their skin photosynthesized like leaves,[5] they had cellulose fibers in their muscles, and their circulatory systems contained green[48] chlorophyllic sap.[49]


"You seem pensive. And so unfortunately melancholy. How that grieves me! Perhaps it would be better if we let the past be the past. And let go of those thorny memories that impinge upon the tender flesh of our bosoms."
―The arachnid Kud'ar Mub'at, to the reptilian Bossk[50]

Greeata Jendowanian, a Rodian dancer and musician

Reptilian species reproduced by laying fertilized eggs.[4] Rodian females were physically distinguished from males by their mammary glands;[51] as such, off-world female Rodians would sometimes clothe themselves in ways that obscured their shape and shave their heads, and at other times, they would display their physique.[4] For instance, Greeata Jendowanian was a Rodian member of the Max Rebo Band who performed at Jabba's Palace in clothing that revealed her shape and her scales.[40]

Despite being a species that emerged from eggs as tadpoles, breasts were one of the many anatomical differences between female and male Serps.[52] Females of the Yinchorri species had breasts[53] despite laying clutches of eggs,[28] and small breasts were apparent on females of the Gossam[54] and Kaleesh species.[55]

In various accounts of reptilian species characteristics, Falleen females were said to be almost identical visually and physically to males, with the most notable differences being their smaller spinal ridges,[4][5][28] the extent of their color-changing abilities, and cultural choices such as how they wore their hair.[4][5] Although not documented as a gender difference, female Falleen of multiple galactic eras were known to have breasts, such as Darth Karrid,[56] Zule Xiss,[57] and Savan.[58]

Though Trandoshans were reptiles without breasts, the arachnid Assembler Kud'ar Mub'at still referred to the Trandoshan Bossk and himself as having a bosom.[50]

Other species

The skin of Myneyrshi was covered with a smooth layer of glass-like crystal. The four-armed beings had a pair of breasts between each pair of arms[13] that were rounded on at least one female[59] but were otherwise flat.[13]

Groff Zugga, leader of the Galactic Spice Mining Guild and Podracing host, had four rounded breasts beneath his chin, with his smallest pair in the center and nipples on each.[60]


SCORPIO had feminine programming and features.

The artificial intelligence known as SCORPIO was created sometime during the Manderon Period. She had feminine programming and many features in common with GEMINI Prime and the GEMINI series of droids, but unlike the GEMINI droids, her plating included breasts.[61]

Available during the Clone Wars, BD-3000 luxury droids from LeisureMech Enterprises prioritized aesthetics over practical functions. They were intended to resemble and move like an attractive human female, but their programming underperformed considering their high price point.[62] Also during that era, a droid spa on Coruscant had service droid attendants, SN-D1 and BO-N1, that had convex chest plates resembling a humanoid bosom.[63]

Human replica droids created by Massad Thrumble that had the appearance of Human females, such as Guri, were given breasts covered with synthskin.[62] While otherwise inspired by Thrumble's work, Alessi Quon deliberately omitted synthskin when he created IN-GA 44 so she would retain a droid's appearance despite her humanoid shape.[64]

The AccuTronics TDL nanny droid mimicked a humanoid figure with the appearance of breasts, a torso and arms covered with synthskin warmed to human body temperature, and had the option to replicate the mother's pheromone pattern and scent. In order to dispense warmed milk or formula into a bottle as needed, up to two liters were stored and refrigerated[19] within its internal milk reservoir. After Accutronics' market research found that parents would be disturbed by simulated breast-feeding capabilities, the feature was omitted.[65]

Behind the scenes

"Somewhere along the way, in one of those conversations that was beer-induced, we said, 'Oh, and she has six breasts!' And somehow it was appropriate for Jabba's palace."
―Costume designer Nilo Rodis-Jamero[66]

Kenner prototypes of Chewbacca's family

For the 1978 television special, The Star Wars Holiday Special,[67] Kenner created prototype toys for Chewbacca and his family, including his wife, Malla. This prototype, however, depicted Malla with two defined breasts,[68] despite breasts not being readily apparent in her television appearance.[67] George Lucas described Wookiee females as having six breasts and delivering litters of offspring in a Time magazine interview coinciding with the release of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[69] However, female Wookiees have been variously depicted in visual media as flat-chested,[70] having a slightly curved chest[71] or with two visible breasts.[72] Lucas's vision of six breasts appeared in text in the Wookiee entry of The Official Star Wars Fact File 12, published in 2002.[12]

Star Wars Galaxies rejected concept of a Mon Calamari with breasts

According to Return of the Jedi costume designer Nilo Rodis-Jamero, the decision to give Yarna d'al' Gargan six breasts occurred under the influence of alcohol. To achieve the appearance, her costume incorporated a foam latex prosthetic on her stomach.[66] The prosthetic was fabricated by Industrial Light & Magic and shipped to London for Claire Davenport to wear during her scenes.[73] Kenner intended to release an action figure of Gargan for their Star Wars: The Power of the Force toy line. The figure had reached an intermediate prototype stage and its collector coin was designed when Lucasfilm put a stop to production, apparently considering the six-breasted dancer inappropriate for a children's toy.[68] She eventually received an action figure in 2008 as part of Hasbro's Star Wars: The Legacy Collection.[74]

During the development of Star Wars Galaxies, the team worked with Lucasfilm to determine the female Mon Calamari's physiology. Because Mon Calamari were not mammals, early concepts showing Mon Calamari with breasts were eventually rejected.[75] However, later female Mon Calamari were depicted with breasts, such as the Mon Calamari Ballet dancer in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith[76] and the Star Wars: The Clone Wars version of Meena Tills.[77]


Since breasts reasonably appear in every piece of Star Wars media, this list does not conform to the Layout Guide and instead only includes specific mentions of them in dialogue or identifications in text.


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