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A breath mask,[5] also known as an oxygen mask,[6] breathing mask,[7] respirator,[8] or gas mask,[9] was a device that provided breathable air to whoever was wearing it. In some cases, it also acted as a life support system, especially if the wearers had extensive cybernetics.


A typical oxygen mask was a small, portable device that allowed an oxygen-breather to survive in low-oxygen atmospheres. Although not suitable for use in realspace, these hands-free masks were essential equipment for deep-space travel that might require activity outside of a starship.[1]


Saw Gerrera relied on a breath mask by the time of the destruction of Jedha City due to undergoing extensive injuries, and frequently had to put it on to replenish his air supply. However, when remaining behind on Jedha to face the impending destruction from the Death Star, he ripped his breath mask off of his armor, knowing he was going to die regardless.[10]


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