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The breathers were a rare[1] Gand subspecies. Scientists were unsure if this race was of an older evolutionary stock, destined to either die out or further evolve;[2] or if they were another coexisting race.[3] This subspecies possessed lungs,[2] along with the usual assortment of internal organs that were typical for most humanoid species.[4]

These Gands were adapted to breathing only ammonia and, unlike the lungless variety, could not survive offworld without respiratory gear.[5] Oxygen exposure could burn the inside of the lungs like acid,[2] which would require organ transplants.[6] If a breather Gand were exposed to oxygen, that individual would display various respiratory symptoms, which included chest pain, shortness of breath, and coughing, which would bring up blood.[7] Due to the unavailability of the necessary treatment to repair the damage, offworld Gands stricken with oxygen inhalation had a higher mortality rate.[2] Zuckuss, a Gand bounty hunter, was a member of this subspecies,[7] as was his second-cousin Lu'daal-ud.[8]

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