Bregius Golthan was an Imperial Advisor. A massive, but unnaturally lean man, he dressed, like many of the Advisors, in dark robes and a peculiar hat. He also boasted a group of four elite Imperial Bodyguards and capital ships under his command bore his personal insignia on their command towers. Stationed on Wroona, he was personally assigned by Emperor Palpatine to oversee security of the Colonies and the Core Worlds.

Shortly after the Battle of Endor, he was appointed by the Imperial Ruling Council to hunt down Dirk Harkness and the Black Curs, who had made a reconnaissance mission for the New Republic deep into the Imperial Core.

He took command of a task force of Star Destroyers, led by the command ship Vengeance, but in orbit above Moorja, he found himself clashing with Moff Utoxx Prentioch, an ambitious Warlord who wanted to claim the Black Curs' intelligence for himself. On the planet Canyon, he captured Platt Okeefe, and took her to his fortress world of Voktunma.

Although Harkness and his team successfully rescued Okeefe and severely damaged Golthan's stronghold, the Advisor himself survived.

He was subsequently killed over Wroona when he was refitting his ship after a battle against the New Republic, and preparing for a renewed strike on Sluis Van. Harkness and Jai Raventhorn infiltrated the vessel and planted mines to destroy it. While withdrawing from the vessel, they encountered the Advisor, and Golthan was killed by Harkness in the subsequent skirmish.

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