"Welcome, or maybe sympathies, given that this is a backwater town on the galaxy's backwater-iest world. But even here, one person can make a difference."
―Bren Kingal to a Mos Taike newcomer[src]

Bren Kingal was a Human male resident who lived in a small town of Mos Taike on Tatooine and served as a junior officer to the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.


In 1 ABY, Bren Kingal encountered a newcomer to Mos Taike. After a short chat, Bren requested that the spacer find and kill a so-called Aqualish crook named Thark. He explained that Thark had stolen a personal shield generator, and that he needed it back. The spacer accepted the task, and sought out Thark. Thark revealed himself to actually be an Imperial informant who confiscated the shield generator away from a thief before it reached the Rebels. Yet before the spacer could react to what he said, Thark opened fire, fearing his own life to be at stake. The spacer killed Thark immediately, and returned to Bren. Bren gave the spacer a Worrt casserole made by his sister, out of thanks for the successful mission.

Bren had another task for the spacer. He claimed that a gangster named Kli Sithrin had stolen a medpac right out of a little girl's hand. When the spacer inquired as to why he would steal a medpac from a girl, Bren just said that the Anchorhead gangsters like to mark their territory, just like a womp rat.

The spacer sought out Kli Sithrin, who happened to be traveling near Mos Taike at the time. When the spacer approached him, Kli insisted that he stole no medpac, that he was waiting there to meet with an ISB official. Realizing that he had just revealed an Imperial secret, Kli decided to open fire on the spacer. The spacer once again managed to defeat his foe, and returned to Bren once more. Bren this time awarded the spacer with a Bantha steak soup, also made by his sister.

Bren requested that the spacer seek out another individual, named Jespral Farandan, a supposed big figure in an offworld terrorist ring. Bren claimed that he was planning a new attack, and that he had information critical to their defenses. The spacer, beginning to question Bren's integrity, asked if Jespral really was a gangster. The spacer revealed that his previous two targets did not sound like crooks. Bren simply brushed off the spacer's concerns, saying that if he starts believing in crooks, there will never be justice. The spacer conceded, and agreed to seek out Jespral. Bren explained that Jespral was wearing a Rebel Alliance uniform, but was absolutely not a Rebel.

The spacer found Jespral nearby. He revealed himself to be yet another worker for the ISB, and opened fire on the spacer, believing him to be a Rebel agent. Jespral was slain, and the spacer returned back to Bren. This time Bren gave the spacer a loaf of Tusken bread.

There was yet one final mission that Bren had for the spacer. A so-called murderer and master of disguise, Throne Thanamiroc, was said to be on another homicidal killing spree. Bren claimed that he hijacked a vehicle, and was now rampaging around the area. When the spacer asked him what he would look like, Bren said he could be dressed up as anything, including an Imperial soldier. He just told the spacer to bring back proof of his death, such as a helmet. The spacer found Throne, and killed him successfully. He brought back an AT-ST pilot helmet he was wearing, but according to Bren, he was posing as a bounty hunter. Bren thanked the spacer for his service, and offered him one final reward, an Eopie cream pie.

Behind the scenes[]

Bren Kingal was a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, prior to the games closure on December 15, 2011. Players could run a short series of quests for him, which involved back-stabbing a number of Imperial agents. Because Bren did not reveal the true identity of the targets, Imperials, as well as Rebels, could do the missions for him.



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