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"We're all part of the biggest risk in the history of the galaxy."
―Bren Quersey, to Col Takbright[src]

Bren Quersey was a human male Rebel pilot who was a member of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. He was one of numerous pilots forced to stay behind at the Yavin 4 base due to the lack of available starfighters, and observed the ongoing Battle of Yavin alongside the other stationed pilots.


"Don't think they're planning to evacuate. Most of the essential equipment left with the fleet. It's all in the hands of the pilots upstairs."
―Quersey, during the ongoing Battle of Yavin[src]

Bren Quersey was a human male who operated as a Rebel pilot in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.[2] Prior to the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY,[3] Quersey was one of the pilots that stayed behind at the Massassi Group's base on[2] the moon[4] Yavin 4 along with fellow squadron members Elyhek Rue, Wenton Chan, and Col Takbright due to the shortage of available starfighters after Red Squadron's leader Garven Dreis selected the pilots who would take part in the battle.[2]

Yavin 4 Temple

Quersey was forced to stay behind at the Great Temple alongside other pilots due to a lack of starfighters.

After the squadron took off to destroy the Death Star, Quersey and the other stationed pilots followed the battle from the base's war room. He commented that the rebels did not plan on evacuating the base, as most of the essential equipment was already on board the fighters that took off. As the battle progressed, the technician Kelemah stated that the fighter that Wedge Antilles was flying had a misaligned port stabilizer, and Takbright pointed out that Antilles was taking a big risk. Quersey laughed and replied that everyone in the base was part of the "biggest risk in the history of the galaxy." When the Death Star was finally destroyed, the base was filled with joy, and Quersey was immediately hugged by Takbright.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

A human male, Quersey had brown hair and light skin.[1] He observed the battle hoping that the rebel pilots would emerge victorious, despite more of them dying as the battle progressed. Col Takbright thought of Quersey as a talented and volatile pilot.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit


Bren Quersey as he appears in A New Hope, identified by Star Wars: Card Trader.

According to a fan site, Bren Quersey's name was an anagram of Decipher employee Jonathan Quesenberry.[5] The 2015 digital card trading app Star Wars: Card Trader identifies Quersey as Red Eight in the Battle of Yavin,[1] which is depicted in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[6] In the card's image, Quersey is seen entering a fighter cockpit.[1] While this matches his background in the Star Wars Legends continuity,[7] the 2017 canon short story "Duty Roster," published in the anthology From a Certain Point of View, introduced a new version of his story, establishing that he was stationed in the Great Temple on Yavin 4 while the battle took place in space and was not selected to join Red Squadron and enter a fighter. The story also revealed that Zal Dinnes flew as Red Eight instead.[2] This article follows the short story's version of his biography, and disregards Card Trader depicting Quersey as a participant in the Battle of Yavin.



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