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Bren Quersey was a Human male pilot and a member of the Rebel Alliance's Red Squadron during the Galactic Civil War.


Born on Lantillies, Bren Quersey dreamed of attending the Imperial Raithal Academy, but washed out, instilling in him a desire for vengeance against those who failed to see his worth. As a member of the Rebel Alliance's Dantooine Squadron, Quersey was paired with Wedge Antilles, who had trained him on X-wings, by General Jan Dodonna in the hope that Antilles' dedication to the Rebellion would calm Quersey's anger.[1][3]

In 0 BBY, he was transferred to Red Squadron, taking the place of veteran pilot Jal Te Gniev. Flying a T-65 X-wing starfighter assigned to him by Antilles under the call sign Red Eight, Quersey participated in the Battle of Yavin, scoring a hit on Black Two "Mauler" Mithel, but failing to neutralise the TIE pilot,[2] before being killed in action himself.[1][4]

Behind the scenes[]

Bren Quersey flying as Red Eight

According to a Star Wars CCG fan site, Bren Quersey was named as an anagram of Decipher employee Jonathan Quesenberry.[5]



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