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Brentin Lore Wexley was a human male who relayed messages for the Alliance to Restore the Republic prior to the Battle of Endor. Residing on the planet Akiva, Brentin married Rebel pilot Norra Susser, and they had a son, Temmin. Early into Temmin's childhood, Brentin was discovered by Imperial forces and was arrested for assisting the Rebellion.

Brentin was imprisoned at the bleak Imperial prison of Ashmead's Lock on Kashyyyk, where he was held in stasis for years. He was also forcibly implanted with an inorganic bio-chip which turned him into a drone of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. Brentin was subsequently freed by Norra and Temmin, who had joined the New Republic. However, he was still enthralled by Rax and his agent Windom Traducier. Wexley and the other former Ashmead's Lock inmates were used in an attack on the New Republic leadership on Chandrila. After escaping Chandrila, Brentin joined forces with his nominal enemy Grand Admiral Rae Sloane to hunt down and kill Rax.



Brentin Lore Wexley was a human man who lived in the planet Akiva's capital city Myrra during the Age of the Empire. He was the husband of Norra Wexley and the father of Temmin Wexley. He played the valachord and his son Temmin shared his passion for playing old jaunty miner songs.[3] Brentin was a member of the Rebel Alliance and was personally responsible for transmitting rebel messages across the Outer Rim Territories. In addition, Brentin received covert training from the rebels including how to operate a bacta patch gun.[4]

Imperial capture[]

Due to his rebel activities, Brentin was arrested by the Empire. Before being taken away by the Empire, Brentin told his son to be good to his mother. Brentin then joined his wife in the living room where he told her that the Empire was coming for him but not for her. At that point, two stormtroopers and an Imperial officer entered the room and arrested Brentin, who did not offer any resistance. When Norra tried to get between the troopers and Brentin, one of the stormtroopers slammed the butt of his blaster rifle into her head. Enraged by the assault on his wife, Brentin struck one of the stormtroopers only to be stunned. At that point, the Imperial officer showed Norra a datapad displaying the arrest warrant for her husband before leaving her to mourn the loss of her husband.[3]

The stormtroopers then led Brentin into the back of a bala-bala speeder. Temmin followed his father and pleaded with the Imperials to spare his father. The officer then pointed his blaster at the boy and told him that his father was a criminal. When Temmin protested that this was not justice, the officer threatened to shoot him dead. At that point, Norra grabbed her son and dragged him back inside their home. Brentin was not seen again by his family until a year after the Battle of Endor.[3]

Ashmead's Lock[]

Due to his involvement in the Rebel Alliance, Brentin Wexley was imprisoned at the formidable automated prison of Ashmead's Lock on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, which had been reduced to a planetwide slave labor camp. There, Brentin was locked in a stasis pod alongside a hundred other rebel prisoners. Ashmead's Lock was an old Predori ship which had been repurposed by the Siniteen prison architect Golas Aram as a black site for the Empire's political prisoners. The prison was managed by SOL-GDA, an automated computer system which was powered by the life energies of the prisoners.[4]

When Temmin turned twelve years old, Norra left the boy in the care of her older sister Esmelle and her wife Shirene and left Akiva to find Brentin. Later, she joined the Rebel Alliance and became a starfighter pilot. Back on Akiva, his son Temmin became an independent businessman who specialized in junk-dealing. Following the Battle of Endor, Norra returned to Akiva and reconciled with her son. Temmin and Norra then joined forces with the bounty hunter Jas Emari and the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus to rescue the New Republic pilot Wedge Antilles from Imperial custody and disrupted an Imperial emergency summit on Akiva. Following the Rebellion on Akiva, Norra and Temmin resolved to find Brentin, using data cubes they had stolen from the Sullustan crime lord Surat Nuat.[3]

At some unknown point, the Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, a protege of Emperor Palpatine forcibly inserted inorganic bio chip implants into the heads of Brentin and the other Ashmead's Lock inmates. Rax wanted to use the prisoners as unwilling drones in a contingency plan to assassinate the New Republic leadership.[4]

Family reunion[]

In 5 ABY,[5] Brentin's wife Norra and son Temmin and their rebel team joined forces with the rebel smuggler Han Solo to infiltrate Ashmead's Lock. Han wanted to rescue his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca, who had been locked away at Ashmead's Lock during a failed mission to liberate Kashyyyk. While the rebels had forced Aram to provide information about the prison, he omitted to give them the pass word needed to bypass SOL-GDA. SOL-GDA dispatched security droids to "incorporate" the prisoners but Han and Jas Emari managed to shut it down by severing the cable that connected the stasis cells to the computer system.[4]

After shutting down SOL-GDA, Norra's team and Solo proceeded to free Chewie and the other Ashmead's Lock prisoners. After being freed from his cell, Brentin found his wife and son. Norra was so shocked to find her husband that she almost fell over and had to be supported by Temmin. After being freed, Brentin followed his teenage son Temmin to Jas Emari's ship Halo where Temmin proceeded to repair his damaged B1-series battle droid companion Mister Bones. Brentin and the other prisoners with the exception of Chewbacca later accompanied Norra and Temmin aboard Han Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon to Chandrila, the capital of the New Republic.[4]

During the journey, the haggard Brentin took the opportunity to re-bond with his son. When the newly-repaired Mister Bones recognized Brentin as Temmin's father, he urged the two to hug each other but to be careful not to hurt each other. Brentin recognized Bones as the old B1 battle droid that his son had been fixing. Temmin confirmed this was the case and told his father that he had rebuilt the droid using parts from the Millennium Falcon. He also praised Temmin and his wife Norra for becoming pilots and joining the Rebellion. Upon landing in Chandrila's Hanna City, they were greeted by several New Republic officials including Princess Leia Organa, Captain Wedge Antilles, Chancellor Mon Mothma, and Admiral Gial Ackbar.[4]

Unknown to Brentin and his rescuers, their escape played into the hands of Fleet Admiral Rax. The Fleet Admiral then put into action his plan to attack the New Republic leadership. His undercover agent Windom Traducier, who served as a New Republic Senate Guard, erected a transponder at the top of the Hanna City opera house. This transponder was used to relay Rax's commands to the unwilling prisoners. Rax timed his attack to precede Grand Admiral Rae Sloane's upcoming peace talks with the New Republic. To rally support for the New Republic, Chancellor Mothma had organized a celebration called Liberation Day and made the Ashmead's Lock prisoners the focal point of the holiday. These developments played into Rax's hands.[4]

False dawn[]

A month after his liberation from Ashmead's Lock, Brentin struggled to rebuild his relationship with his wife Norra and son Temmin. While Brentin could still work with tools and crack jokes, he was unable to gain a rapport with his family. In the weeks after his liberation, Fleet Admiral Rax began transmitting faint signals into the heads of Brentin and other prisoners. This interfered with their thought patterns and made it hard to concentrate. Rax and his agent Traducier also used these signals to compel Brentin to go on frequent walks throughout the day. Brentin began to arouse Temmin's suspicion when he insisted on walking alone.[4]

Temmin blamed Brentin's strange behavior on his mother Norra, who had also begun to be suspicious of Brentin's erratic behavior. As a result, Temmin began to quarrel with Norra and skipped his starfighter training lessons. While Norra was unable to pin down what was wrong with her husband, she confided in her friend Captain Wedge Antilles. She thought that her husband's strange behavior was caused by his imprisonment at Ashmead's Lock.[4]

On the evening before Liberation Day, Brentin and his son worked together on building a valachord that Temmin had bought. Due to Rax's signals, Brentin struggled to wield an arc-driver. Unable to concentrate, Brentin decided to go for a walk. Temmin decided to follow his father on that walk. Brentin eventually met Windom Traducier at a pier in Hanna City's dock. When Traducier saw Temmin, he ordered Brentin to deal with the intruder. Unable to kill his son, Brentin instead stunned him and locked him inside a crate.[4]

Later, Brentin returned home to spend time with his wife Norra. After apologizing for his lateness, Norra asked Brentin about his son's whereabouts. Brentin claimed not to have seen their son before dressing into a simple, formal white suit that had been provided by Chancellor Mothma's people. Brentin reassured his wife that Temmin would join them for the ceremony. He remarked that his son was much older now and missed seeing him grow up. He also complimented Norra for joining the Rebellion in his stead. Brentin then reaffirmed his love for his wife and asked if she was okay. After embracing and kissing his wife, the two headed towards the Old Gather-House and Senate Plaza for the Liberation Day celebrations.[4]

Attack on Chandrila[]

Brentin and his wife Norra gathered with the other Ashmead's Lock prisoners at the Senate Plaza, which lay at from of the Old Gather-House. The former prisoners were greeted by Chancellor Mothma and numerous New Republic military officers and senators. Temmin and his companion Mister Bones then arrived and tried to warn Norra but were blocked by several Senate Guards. Chancellor Mothma then proceeded to give a speech lauding the Ashmead's Lock prisoners for their contribution to the Rebellion. When Mothma commended Brentin for his role in transmitting rebel messages across the Outer Rim, he raised a concealed three-shot hold-out blaster and fired at the Chancellor.[4]

Before Brentin could released all his ammunition, Norra yanked his hand upward. Brentin was horrified by his actions and began crying and apologizing. Reacting instinctively, Norra kneed him in the stomach. Brentin then hit her with the pistol. The other prisoners including Jonda Jae-Talwar and Esdo also began attacking New Republic officials and officers. Norra tried to pursue her husband but Brentin fled to the far right of the plaza. Brentin then ran into his son Temmin, who remarked that his mom was right that he was not himself.[4]

Brentin tried to protest but found himself raising his pistol at his own son. When Temmin accused him of killing people, Brentin protested his innocence. Temmin then accused his father of being an Imperial agent. Despite Brentin's protests, Temmin challenged his dad to shoot him. Brentin then pointed the pistol at his own head. Temmin tried to save his father and tackled him to the ground. Brentin managed to break free of his son and punched him in the stomach before fleeing across the skybridge to a nearby docking platform.[4]

An unlikely ally[]

"If you didn't do this, who did?"
"A man named Gallius Rax. At least, that's the name he gives. You want whoever did this to you, go have at him…"
―Brentin and Sloane forging an alliance against a common enemy[4]

Brentin stowed aboard a HHG-42 Bulkstar that had been stolen by Grand Admiral Sloane. Sloane had fallen out with Fleet Admiral Rax after disagreeing with his violent and unethical tactics on Chandrila. Once the ship had reached hyperspace, Brentin confronted Sloane in the cockpit. Since she was an Imperial officer, he assumed that she had been responsible for the recent attack on Chandrila. Sloane protested her innocence and pointed out that she had also been set up by Fleet Admiral Rax. Enraged, Brentin fired his pistol at her but missed.[4]

Calming down, Brentin listened as Sloane explained that Gallius Rax had been the true mastermind behind their predicaments. Brentin then demanded that she take him to Rax. After seeing that Sloane was hurt, Brentin took pity on her and pointed out that there was a medkit under her seat. After examining the blaster wound on her band, Brentin used a scatterblaster to paste bacta on her wound. Brentin had learned this skill from the Rebel Alliance. Sloane agreed to help Brentin but told him that finding Rax would not be straight forward.[4]

After Sloane received information from the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift that he had discovered that Rax had come from the planet Jakku, the two traveled to the desert planet, which was located in the Western Reaches. After landing, Brentin and Rax visited a bar owned by Corwin Ballast in an attempt to find information about Rax. Ballast yielded no information but Brentin and Rax soon got their answer when they witnessed Rax's Super Star Destroyer Ravager exiting hyperspace with a massive Imperial armada.[4]

Travelers on Jakku[]

"We could have helped him [RK-242]."
"There was no help for him."
―Brentin and Sloane struck up a tense alliance[1]

Brentin and his former adversary Sloane spent several months searching for information about Gallius Rax, who had since proclaimed himself Grand Counselor and brought the Imperial remnants to Jakku. During their travels, Brentin and Sloane encountered an old Anchorite named Kolob, who revealed that Gallius had once been an orphan who ran away and guarded a mysterious facility in the Valley of the Eremite near the Plaintive Hand plateau. Brentin questioned Kolob about the location of the facility and learned that it was far away. He and Sloane also learned that the Hutt crime lady Niima was guarding the only pass to the Plaintive Hand and kidnapping local orphans for Rax.[1]

In order to collect more information, Brentin helped Sloane to build a crude listening device which they use to eavesdrop on Imperial conversations. The two befriended a disillusioned stormtrooper named RK-242, who had been beaten up for questioning Rax's orders. From the trooper, Brentin and Sloane learned that Rax had brought the Imperial remnants to Jakku so that the planet's harsh conditions would build them into a tougher and more cruel force. While the trooper revealed that Rax had established a main base beyond the Goazon Badlands, he was unable to provide them with any information about the mysterious facility in the Valley of the Eremite. After the soldier had told Sloane all he knew, Sloane shot him in the head. When Brentin protested that they could have helped the broken man, Sloane responded that "there was no help for him."[1]

To reach the Plaintive Hand plateau, Brentin and Sloane sought an audience with Niima the Hutt. When Sloane identified herself, Niima was initially hostile since she had already struck a deal with Rax. Niima ordered her slaves to strip them, shear them, and break their minds. However, Sloane managed to convince Niima to break her agreement with Rax by claiming that the mysterious Plaintive Hand site held a weapon more powerful than the Death Stars. Niima accepted Sloane's counter-offer and announced they would be leaving at dawn.[1]

Journey to the Plaintive Hand[]

"I need to stop Rax because it's how I show my wife and my son that I'm not the man on that stage. It's how I fix what I did."
"You're a fool. It's vengeance that carries us. Forget everyone else."
"You don't have anybody, do you> That's why you don't understand. There's nobody out there who you love or who loves you back. You have to have something or someone to fight for. Not just this. Not just … revenge."
―Brentin and Sloane debate their motives for wanting to stop Rax[1]

For over a week, Brentin and Sloane traveled with Niima's caravan to the Plaintive Hand. While traveling through a valley, Sloane expressed impatience at the slow pace of the journey. He tried to remain optimistic and joked that their fates were married to the Hutt's. When Sloane advocated stealing a wheel-bike, Brentin expressed his preference for staying on their current course. When Sloane remarked that she was motivated by a desire for vengeance against Rax, Brentin told her that his primary motive for embarking on this journey was to prove to his wife and son that he was no longer a puppet of Rax. When Sloane derided him for lacking vengeance, Brentin countered that she lacked a family and thus did not understand love.[1]

Unable to reconcile their differences, Sloane proceeded with her plan. She knocked out a guard and stole his blaster. However, a wheel-bike driver saw her and alerted Niima. Niima ordered her slaves to attack Sloane. Due to her Imperial combat training, Sloane managed to hold the attackers at bay. Unwilling to abandon his ally, Brentin entered the fray and tackled the slave behind her. Brentin fought the salves off with a machete and helped Sloane to his feet.[1]

Niima then charged at the two trouble-makers, intending to crush them with her massive serpentine body. However, the caravan soon came under attack from Imperial turbolasers. One of Counselor Rax's Sentinel droids had learned about Sloane's presence in the convoy. In order to prevent Sloane from reaching the Jakku Observatory, he had ordered the facility's turbolasers to bombard the convoy. Brentin and Sloane managed to escape the bombardment by fleeing into the eastern pillar of the Plaintive Hand plateau.[1]

For an hour, Brentin and Sloane hid behind the eastern pillar, seeking refuge from the turbolasers, Niima, and her slaves. During that time, Brentin asked Sloane what she thought Rax was hiding beyond the Valley of the Eremite. Sloane speculated that Rax was hiding a weapons facility. Brentin then recalled that he had once intercepted an Imperial transmission from Adumar or Wild Space about a laboratory or a hidden facility. Sloane then spotted a Corellian shuttle approaching and told Brentin they would hijack it. Unknown to Brentin and Sloane, the shuttle was carrying his wife Norra and the bounty hunter Jas Emari, who were out hunting for Sloane.[1]

Guests of Gallius Rax[]

"No. No. He comes with me."
"But why?"
"He's a rebel, if you'll believe that. He had a chip in his head, a chip you helped put there. Don't you want him to see what your seeds have grown? You want an audience? A witness? Then let him see what you're wrought."
―Rae Sloane petitioning Rax to spare Brentin's life[1]

Before the shuttle could approach them, its crew were startled by the arrival of three Imperial Lambda-class shuttles. Brentin and Sloane were then taken prisoner by stormtroopers under the command of Counselor Gallius Rax himself. Brentin watched as Sloane confronted her former ally–turned enemy. An enraged Niima also demanded that Rax reveal what he was hiding in the Plaintive Hand and attacked his troops. Rax's troops managed to subdue Hutt, who was wounded by blaster bolts.[1]

After reminding Sloane of his new authority, Rax ordered that she be brought to watch his "show." Disregarding Brentin as an inconvenience, Rax ordered his men to shoot him. However, Sloane stepped in front of the rebel and insisted that he come with her. Sloane told Rax that Brentin was one of his former mind-controlled assassins and asserted that had a right to see what the Counselor had wrought. After learning that Brentin was a rebel, Rax decided he could use him too and ordered his men to bring them back to the main Imperial base.[1]

Rax transported Brentin and Sloane to his main base in a shuttle. Upon disembarking, the stormtroopers shoved him and Sloane down the ramp, causing him to lose his footing. One of the stortrmoopers who ushered him forward stopped to kick him in the side while his compatriots last. The two prisoners were led to a hangar where Rax had assembled his new contingent of child soldiers, who had been trained by the former Imperial Commandant Brendol Hux. In order to demonstrate his plan to tear down the "old Empire," Rax ordered his child soldiers to kill the stormtroopers. Both Brentin and Sloane were horrified by Rax's bloodlust and savagery. Brentin himself lost his balance and fell on top of the body of a slain stormtrooper.[1]

Brentin and Sloane were then bound hand and foot in magnacuffs and brought inside a tent on the roof of the Imperial command center. As representatives of the Rebellion and the Old Empire, Rax wanted his unwilling guests to watch his speech. Following Rax's speech, New Republic military forces entered the Jakku system and engaged Rax's Imperial remnant forces, beginning the Battle of Jakku. Rax, Brendol Hux, and the child soldiers then departed for the mysterious facility in the Valley of the Eremite.[1]

An unexpected reunion[]

Mister Bones: "YOU HURT TEMMIN"
Norra Wexley: "Bones. Stop. Just hold him"
Brentin: "Norra. I'm not with the Empire, I didn't mean to do those things, is our son okay—"
Rae Sloane: "He's right. He was made to do it."
―A tense family reunion on Jakku[1]

Using his rebel training, Brentin managed to use the dust in Jakku's air to free himself of his restraints. Wexley then freed Sloane from her restraints and the two searched for a transport to pursue Rax. Before they could leave, Brentin and Sloane ran into his wife Norra and Temmin's bodyguard B1 battle droid Mister Bones. Brentin managed to stop his wife from shooting Sloane dead, prompting an angry rebuke from Norra. Still believing Brentin to be hostile, Mister Bones grabbed Brentin's wrist and slammed him hard against the wall for hurting Temmin. Norra stopped the droid before he could hurt her husband further.[1]

Brentin told Norra that he was not with the Empire and asked if their son was alright. Sloane vouched for Brentin and said that the Liberation Day attack was not his doing. Norra wanted to bring Brentin and Sloane back to Chandrila but Sloane managed to convince her to help them hunt down Rax, who had fled to the Plaintive Hand plateau. Sloane reluctantly agreed to help them stop Rax but warned them that she would set Mister Bones to "break their bones" if they were deceiving her.[1]

Brentin served as co-pilot during Sloane and Norra's flight to the mysterious weapons facility in the Plaintive Hand plateau, which turned out to be the Jakku Observatory. While flying, the group witnessed the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Ravager crashing into Jakku's atmosphere. The downing of the Imperial command ship turned the tide of the battle in favor of the New Republic. Despite the dust storm created by the Ravager's collapse, Sloane managed to land Norra's Corellian shuttle safely at the Jakku Observatory.[1]

The Jakku Observatory turned out to be a secret research facility which the Emperor had used to plot safe routes into the Unknown Regions. The Observatory was also built over a deep borehole which led to Jakku's core. As part of the Contingency, the late Palpatine had ordered Rax to lure the Imperial and New Republic forces to Jakku and then detonate the planet; effectively destroying the two belligerents. Rax planned to lead a few "worthy" Imperials into the Unknown Regions to rebuild the Empire.[1]

Last stand on Jakku[]

"Not like that. Please. I love you. I'm here for you. And for Tem. I wanted to do something right to counteract the wrong I'd done. Being on Jakku, it felt good. It felt like justice."
―Brentin Lore Wexley[1]

While making their way into the Observatory, the ground began to shake since Rax had initiated Jakku's self-destruction mechanism. When Brentin tried to help his wife, Norra pulled away from him and gave him a suspicious look. Norra told Brentin that she did not trust him due to the events of Liberation Day. Before the couple could argue, Sloane pointed to a diagram showing a mining borehole piercing through layers of mantle and schist. Due to his knowledge of geology, Brentin was able to point out that the borehole was being used to cause a seismic wave explosion from the planet's core. He realized that the facility had telescoping vents to close the shaft but that they were on lock down.[1]

Brentin convinced Norra to allow Sloane to go and confront Rax. At the urging of Norra, Brentin agreed to try and re-seal the shaft in order to save his son and the New Republic. Brentin also wanted to prove his loyalty to the New Republic he had once fought to build. While Brentin struggled to seal the borehole, he argued with Norra about not giving Sloane a weapon to fight Rax. When Norra expressed her distrust, Brentin tried to reassure her that he was no longer under the control of the inorganic chip. However, Norra was still not convinced and questioned her husband why he was teaming up with an enemy of the Rebellion.[1]

Brentin argued that Sloane was no longer with the Empire and that they were now fighting together for a common purpose. He then reaffirmed his love for Norra and emphasized that he had joined forces with Sloane in order to counteract the wrong he had done. While Norra refused to trust Sloane, Brentin countered that she was not as bad as she thought. Brentin managed to use his slicing skills to seal one of the baffles but struggled to slice through the defense of the others. After Rax overpowered Sloane and began torturing her by breaking some of her fingers, Norra changed her mind and rushed to help her nominal enemy.[1]

Brentin abandoned his attempts to seal the borehole and joined the fight. Before Rax could finish off his wife, Brentin slammed into the Counselor. Rax then kicked Brentin back with his boot and shot him in the chest, mortally wounding him. With his dying breath, Brentin managed to express his love for Norra and the two reconciled. Brentin's death galvanized his wife Norra to fight Rax and she managed to wound him with a blaster shot to his shoulder. While Norra mourned the death of her husband, Sloane pursued the wounded Rax and killed him by shooting him multiple times in the stomach.[1]


"Bones, you watch over my dad, okay? Keep him safe."
―Temmin burying Mister Bones' arm with his father Brentin[1]

Despite his death, Brentin's efforts help Sloane and Norra to defeat Gallius Rax. Sloane managed to complete Brentin's efforts to reseal the Observatory's borehole, saving Jakku and the Imperial and New Republic forces from destruction. The Battle of Jakku ended the Galactic Civil War as a decisive New Republic victory and facilitated the capitulation and disintegration of the Galactic Empire. Norra brought back Brentin's body to his homeworld of Akiva where he was mourned by his wife, son Temmin, family, and friends.[1]

Per Akiva tradition, Brentin's body was wrapped in a gauzy cloth. His corpse was then lowered into a salt marsh where the salt would break down his body. This was in line with the Akivan tradition of returning the bodies of the deceased to their nature. In honor of his late father, Temmin placed the mechanical arm of his late best friend Mister Bones on top of Brentin's body. Like Brentin, Mister Bones had perished during the Battle of Jakku.[1] Brentin's son Temmin would later go on to become a starfighter pilot in the New Republic[6] and later the Resistance.[7] Norra, on the other hand, went to marry Wedge some time later.[8]

Personality and traits[]

Brentin Lore Wexley was a loving husband and father to his wife Norra and son Temmin. He was sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance and was arrested by the Empire for his dealings with the Rebellion. Before being arrested by the Empire, Brentin counselled his son to be good to Norra. He also did not resist arrest because he did not want to endanger his wife and son. Brentin also played the valachord and liked playing only jaunty miner songs.[3]

Due to his long-term imprisonment at Ashmead's Lock, Brentin was emaciated, had pale skin, and bloodshot eyes. Due to the trauma of his imprisonment and the signals from Fleet Admiral Rax, Wexley was unable to rebuild his relationship with Norra and Temmin. Brentin was horrified and ashamed at being forced by Rax's signals to attack New Republic officials. He was also traumatized that he had to resist signals urging him to kill his son Temmin during the attack on Chandrila.[4]

Following the attack on Chandrila, Brentin reasserted control over his mind and body. While he was initially hostile towards the Imperial Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, he agreed to work with her after she revealed that his true tormentor was Rax. Sharing a common enemy, the two joined forces to hunt down and kill Rax.[4]

Despite suffering at the hands of the Empire, Brentin was willing to work with Sloane in order to redeem himself in the eyes of his wife Norra and son Temmin. He refused to let himself be motivated by vengeance. Brentin's patience and willingness to endure suffering contrasted with Sloane, who was used to being in charge and having things done her own way. Brentin managed to convince his wife Norra to help him and Sloane stop Rax. While Norra initially distrusted Brentin, she became convinced that he had returned after helping her and Sloane to fight and wound Rax. His death during the struggle with Rax helped Norra to forgive her husband.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Brentin was skilled with tools and machinery. He passed these skills to his son Temmin. Brentin's skills with machinery led him to relay messages across the Outer Rim for the Rebellion. In addition, Brentin knew how to turn a scatterblaster into an improvised bacta patch gun.[4] Brentin used his slicing skills to hack into Imperial transmissions during his days in the Rebel Alliance. Later, he used his slicing skills to try and close the valve doors that covered the borehole leading to Jakku's core. Brentin managed to shut one of the doors which gave Sloane enough time to close the rest and stop Jakku's self-destruction mechanism.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Brentin is a minor character who first appeared in a flashback scene in Chuck Wendig's 2015 novel Aftermath. The scene was told from the point of view of his son, Temmin Wexley. Brentin later appeared as a supporting character in the sequel novels Aftermath: Life Debt and Aftermath: Empire's End, where his backstory and personality were expanded.



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