Brethupp was a male Ewok who lived in Bright Tree Village on the forest moon of the planet Endor. He was present in the village when a group of captured Rebels was brought back by a hunting party, and watched in the village square as they were prepared for cooking in honor of C-3PO, a Rebel droid the Ewoks believed to be a god. Brethupp was then amongst the Ewoks who rushed to free the Rebels after C-3PO demonstrated his powers by levitating, although in truth the apparent miracle was caused by the Jedi Luke Skywalker, one of the captured Rebels. Following Bright Tree village's alliance with the Rebels in a battle against Imperial forces on the moon, Brethupp attended a celebration of the Empire's defeat.


The male Ewok Brethupp lived in Bright Tree Village on the forest moon of Endor. In the year 4 ABY, an Alliance to Restore the Republic strike force arrived on the moon with the aim of destroying an Imperial shield generator bunker which protected the unfinished Death Star II battle station in orbit. A group of these Rebels was captured, however, by a hunting party from Bright Tree village who mistook C-3PO, a droid member of the group, for the deity[1] known as the Golden One.

Brethupp played a makeshift drum set after the Battle of Endor

The Ewoks brought the droid and his companions home, at which point the village's shaman, Logray, ordered that the other members of the captured group—Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and R2-D2—be served as part of a banquet in the Golden One's honor. Brethupp was amongst the Ewoks who gathered in Bright Tree village square to witness the captives' preparation for consumption and watched as first Princess Leia Organa, another Rebel whom the Ewoks had found, and then C-3PO himself attempted to persuade Logray to spare their friends. The shaman remained unconvinced even when C-3PO threatened to use his magic, but quickly ordered that the prisoners be freed when the droid levitated into the air, a trick carried out by the Jedi Skywalker using the Force. Brethupp was amongst those Ewoks that rushed to free the prisoners on Logray's orders.[1]

The Ewoks were eventually persuaded by the Rebels to aid them in destroying the Imperial shield generator, which the two forces successfully did, allowing for the destruction of the Death Star in the skies above the moon. Following the joint victory, Rebels and Ewoks alike celebrated in Bright Tree Village. Brethupp attended the celebration, where he played a drum set fashioned out of the armor of Imperial troopers.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Brethupp had gray and white fur.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Brethupp is an easy one since he has spotted fur and can be seen in the village square. He's also one of the Ewok drummers during the festivities."
―Tim Veekhoven clarifies where Brethupp appears in the film[2]

Brethupp first appeared in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, where he was played by Kiran Shah but the character name was not identified. He would remain unidentified until 2012, when Leland Chee revealed his name in the Star Wars Insider 135 Rogues Gallery article Ewoks: Warriors of Endor. In the 2014 Star Wars Blog post Yub Yub: Meet the Ewoks from Endor, Tim Veekhoven described where Brethupp could be seen in the film and also revealed his gender.



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