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Brezaks, also known as Zygerrian gliding lizards, were large non-sentient carnivorous reptavians from the planet Zygerria. The Zygerrian slavers used these as riding mounts to patrol for runaway slaves.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Queen Miraj Scintel and Anakin Skywalker astride a brezak in flight

Brezaks had tan undersides with dark brown coloring on their backs. They had horned heads from which their Zygerrian riders could attach reigns to guide the creature from a saddle mount. They possessed strong legs which gave them remarkable speed while running. They also had large flaps of skin which attached to their ribcage that, when retracted, would dangle loosely between their front and hind legs. However, when extended, the brezak could leap into the air and take flight on the wind currents of their Zygerrian homeworld. Their flat tail served as a rudder, and when controlled by a skilled rider, they were quite agile while in flight.



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