This article is about the freighter. You may be looking for the Human Bria Tharen.

The Bria was a heavily modified SoroSuub Starmite-class freighter.

Han Solo's first ship, he leased it from his new friend Lando Calrissian, who ran a used ship lot on Nar Shaddaa. Solo named it for his first love, Bria Tharen. The ship was battered and worn, but it was still able to fly—even if it occasionally and inexplicably stopped or otherwise malfunctioned. When Han first leased the Bria, it was so unreliable as to be barely spaceworthy. Master mechanic Shug Ninx identified the problem as stemming from a number of ill-conceived modifications that a previous owner made using non-standard parts. After repairs at Ninx's Spacebarn, however, the Bria became a capable smuggling vessel, though it remained somewhat prone to malfunctions. The ship was armed with two forward-firing laser cannons and a pair of laser turrets on its wingtips.

Even though Solo and Chewbacca complained endlessly about the ship, they truly loved it. In battle, Han typically piloted the ship while Chewbacca and Jarik Solo manned the turrets. Han flew the Bria during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, and suffered little damage aside from Chewbacca accidentally destroying the controls of a laser turret. However, one week later the ship was severely damaged by Imperial TIE Fighters. Han and Chewbacca were barely able to abandon ship before the Bria exploded. This prompted Han to seek a new ship, which he was able to win from Lando: the Millennium Falcon.

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Bria was also the name of a server - or "Galaxy" - in Star Wars Galaxies.



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