Brian Charles Daley (December 22, 1947February 11, 1996) was the author of The Han Solo Adventures, a trilogy of novels detailing Han and Chewbacca's adventures in the Corporate Sector and the Tion Hegemony before they joined the Rebel Alliance. He also wrote radio drama adaptations of the original trilogy. Daley died of pancreatic cancer shortly after the radio dramatization of Return of the Jedi finished recording.

Daley and friend James Luceno (under the pen name "Jack McKinney") also co-wrote the novelizations of the Robotech series and the Black Hole Travel Agency series. Another animation credit was being the story editor (with Christopher Rowley) on Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. Luceno also worked on the series' writing staff. Daley also wrote several science fiction and fantasy novels under his own name, including the novelization of the movie Tron.[2]

The book The Jedi Academy Sourcebook was dedicated to his memory, as was the radio dramatization of Return of the Jedi.

A transcript of a recorded tribute to Daley from the Jedi voice cast can be found in Star Wars Insider 55.

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