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Bric was a male Siniteen bounty hunter who, along with his partner, the Arcona bounty hunter El-Les, was hired by the Galactic Republic to train clone cadets during the Clone Wars. He held the rank of Master Chief.[2]


"This particular unit seems to have some trouble. What do you recommend?"
"Well, I'm no Jedi, so forgive my bluntness, but I say they fail. Send them down to maintenance with 99 and the other rejects."
―Shaak Ti and Bric[src]

Bric was a Siniteen bounty hunter hired by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars to train various clone cadets. In Tipoca City, Bric worked with fellow bounty hunter El-Les as Master Chief as they oversaw clone trooper training.[2]

When dealing with a particular clone cadet squad called Domino Squad, Bric was very impatient with their struggles. He began to give up hope and would tell El-Les that they would never become competent soldiers. When Domino Squad attempted to conquer the Citadel Challenge, Bric was highly critical of their inability to function as a unit and later had to break up a fight between troopers CT-782 and CT-1409 in the barracks.[2]

The next day Bric and El-Les rallied Domino Squad and other cadet units on a hangar deck to take a lesson from the ARC Troopers of Rancor Battalion. Commander Colt addressed the troopers and watched the next attempt at the Citadel Challenge. Bric praised the first group, Bravo Squad, and told Colt that Domino Squad was inept. They watched as the group failed the test again, much to Bric's amusement. That night, he chewed out clone trooper CT-4040, saying that he was "a real cutup" and blamed him for his squad's struggles. Much to his dismay, CT-4040 took the nickname "Cutup" and drew inspiration from the criticism.[2]

When Jedi Master Shaak Ti came to personally oversee Domino Squad's progress and next attempt at the Citadel Challenge, Bric decided to set back Domino Squad further by removing their ascension cables so they could not climb the citadel at the end of the challenge. When El-Les learned of his actions, he told the Jedi to stop the test, but much to Bric's dismay, Domino Squad pulled together and conquered the challenge despite the setback, much to the chagrin of Bric.[2]

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