"I know officials like you. You want to be ready to suit up and pull rank on someone if you think it'll get you what you want."
Pik, on Briery Ronan[src]

Brierly Ronan was a human male who served as a colonel in the Galactic Empire under the Advanced Weapons Research. Ronan was the Assistant Director on Project Stardust and was extremely loyal to Director Orson Callan Krennic. He was assigned to work with Grand Admiral Thrawn after when grallocs began attacking shipments in the Kurost sector vital to the construction of the Death Star. Ronan, throughout the journey, hated Thrawn and did his best to slow the officer down.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

"His name is assistant director Ronan. He is one of the assistant directors on Stardust, extremely loyal to Director Krennic, not really liking Thrawn much at all."
―Timothy Zahn on Ronan[src]

Brierly Ronan first appeared in Thrawn: Treason, a novel by Timothy Zahn which was released in July 2019.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Del Rey timeline places Thrawn before A New Dawn. Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide dates Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla's first meeting in A New Dawn to six years before Star Wars Rebels, which according to Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, begins in 5 BBY. This means A New Dawn takes place in 11 BBY, so the beginning of Thrawn must occur by 11 BBY. Thrawn establishes that Eli Vanto begins his studies at the Myomar Academy four years earlier. Additionally, Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide states that the youngest Imperial Academies begin training Cadets is "13 standard years of age." Therefore, Vanto must have been born at least seventeen years earlier, by 28 BBY. Thrawn: Treason establishes that Brierly Ronan is older than Vanto, meaning he was born before 28 BBY.
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