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Twi'lek Head-clan sent out into Bright Lands.

The Bright Lands was the name given to the side of Ryloth that was baked in constant sunlight during the daytime. Traditionally, Twi'lek clan leaders were sent here to die if one of their fellow clan leaders had died, either from natural causes or in some cases, assassination. This tradition was instrumental in the changing of hands within the planetary government. In extreme cases, criminals were also exiled to the Bright Lands as a form of capital punishment.

According to tradition, Inun was a blind youth famous for crossing the Bright Lands.[1] Also, in 28 BBY the Twi'lek Ro Fenn was sent into the Bright Lands when his fellow council member Pol Secura was accidentally killed at the hands of his niece Aayla Secura.

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