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"The Bright Star…After all these centuries! Let me see it, please…Thank you, this will give my people a chance of freedom."
Vylip F'alma[src]

The Bright Star was a crescent-shaped crystal and the most sacred artifact of the Mustafarians. Long before the rise of the Galactic Empire, it was stolen by Lady Corvax, who wanted to harness its energy to power her Aeon Engine and restore her dead husband to life.[2] Instead, the Bright Star released powerful energies that turned the green and bountiful Mustafar into a hellish wasteland. Thereafter, Corvax kept the artifact hidden in her sanctum. At some point during the Imperial Era, the Sith Lord Darth Vader retrieved the only key to the Bright Star, but could not wield it himself, because it could only be used by someone from Corvax's bloodline. After several unsuccessful attempts, Vader managed to capture a descendant of Lady Corvax in the person of a smuggler who operated the starship Windfall.[3]

This descendant was Force-sensitive, and he used his powers to obtain the Bright Star after Vader trained him. However, he betrayed Vader and tried to give the crystal to the Mustafarians, so they could use it to heal their world. Vader intercepted him and stole the Bright Star, intent on using it to bring back Padmé Amidala, his deceased wife.[2]

Vader hooked the Bright Star up to the Aeon Engine once again, and activated it. The crystal emitted a beam of energy into Mustafar's skies, and the shimmering outline of Padmé began to appear. However, before the Star could finish its work (and probably ruin Mustafar even more, or worse, in the process), the descendant of Corvax returned and dueled Vader with Lord Corvax's lightsaber. The descendant's relationship with Lady Corvax appeared to affect the Bright Star, stopping the revival process. He then plunged the saber into the Bright Star, destroying it and the Aeon Engine.[1]

The Bright Star's destruction started a chain reaction that would begin the change of Mustafar from the wasteland it was to its original, flourishing form.[1]



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