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Bring Me the Children is a comic strip that was distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and published in U.S. and Canadian newspapers. The series was written by Don Christensen and drawn by Russ Manning. It was collected in Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures 7, and was also available in the Webstrips section of Hyperspace.

Plot summary[]

Luke Skywalker is delivering some books from the pre-Empire days to a school on Harix when TIE Fighters begin to chase him. He lands, but then finds stormtroopers kidnapping students from the school. In charge of the troopers is a lizard man named Major Rahz. He takes most of the students and the teacher, Myoris.

Meanwhile, Myoris' son, Berd, escapes with Luke.

Darth Vader says the kidnapping is bait for the Rebels.

Berd convinces Luke and Leia to lead a rescue mission, but they need to get Han Solo first.

In the middle of a bar fight, Han says he's not in the rescue business, but Chewbacca convinces him to go along with the plan. Seeing that Han's going to take part and not wanting to be outdone, the other brawlers agree to sign on as well.

Luke and Han sneak back onto Harix and set off a chain reaction to destroy the Imperial Tie Fighters stationed there while the rest of their roughneck allies provide cavalry support from the air.

Major Rahz and the stormtroopers have Myoris and her students lined up in front of a sonic disruptor to die when the heroes arrive.

Major Rahz is captured, but then fights his way free by shedding skin and tail. He remounts the sonic disruptor and fires, but dies in the process. Berd explains that he "rephased the power of the gun."

Luke and the heroes take Myoris and the students with them when they flee the planet.


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