"Bringing Up Norky" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Bob Carrau and Earl Kress and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on November 22, 1986.

Plot summary[]

Trouble with Norky[]

The episode opens with a pair of rodent gliders flying over Bright Tree Village. Norky's mother and father thank Shodu Warrick for agree to look after their son Norky while they are away. Shodu says that it is always a pleasure. However, Wicket is upset because Norky always gets him into trouble when he stays. Norky manages to cozy up to Shodu by offering her flowers.

Before Norky's parents leave, Wicket tells his mother Shodu that this is their last batch of cookies. Shodu allows them to have one each but warns them to save the rest for dinner. Norky's father tells his son to behave. Norky promises he will behave. Before Norky's parents even left, he framed Wicket and Teebo by making it look like they had eaten all the cookies when in fact he had hidden them inside his pouch.

As punishment, Shodu made Wicket go to borrow acorn paste from Kneesaa so that they could make more cookies. Teebo realizes that Wicket was right. Later, Norky accompanies Wicket when he visits Kneesaa, who is brushing the bordok Baga's coat. Kneesaa tells them they can borrow acorn paste but warns them to be quiet since there is a warrior council meeting at the Royal Hut. Wicket tells Norky to wait but he Norky lures Baga into the Royal Hut with a cookie. Baga wrecks havoc and Wicket lands in a wagon of hay. Chief Chirpa reprimands his daughter for letting Baga wreck the meeting. Norky curries favor with Chirpa by offering to look after the bordok.

Later, Norky tricks Latara into falling into a puddle of mud by offering to help her cross it. Shortly later, Shodu arrives with Kneesaa and Teebo. Norky tells Shodu that Latara did not look and fell into a puddle of mud. Shodu sends Latara to wash up. Norky ingratiates himself with Shodu and asks if he can stay for longer. Due to Norky's pranks, Wicket and his friends decided to take action against Norky.

Teaching Norky a lesson[]

Kneesaa, Teebo, Wicket, and Latara using the Logray's globe.

In Logray's hut, the four toyed with the shaman's globe, causing it to swell up and roll around the hut. Following their brief misadventure, the four Ewoks debated where to send Norky. Latara proposed the Lightning Forest where he would be burnt while Teebo proposed the Molten Mountains. Kneesaa says they don't want to hurt Norky but only want to teach him a lesson. She suggests the Vacant Valley which is nearby. Later, Latara grumbles about using her hang glider to trick Norky. They leave a fake "treasure" map. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Norky decides to steal the map and the hang glider. Norky takes the bait and flies away.

As time passed, Kneesaa started to experience regret about their plan. Wicket reassured Kneesaa that Norky would not be in any real harm. However, Master Logray tells Teebo that he has misplaced his map of the Vacant Valley. Logray explains that every hundred seasons, large holes appear in the valley sucking everything underground. Logray says he would like to observe it. Teebo claims to know where the map is but Wicket says that he and his friends will have to go and get it.

Rescuing Norky[]

Meanwhile, Norky lands his hang glider in the Vacant Valley. While out searching for treasure, his glider sinks beneath a sinkhole. More sinkholes beging appearing. Wicket and his friends travel in two hang gliders to the Vacant Valley. Latara realizes that the sinking has already started as her hang glider sinks into the group. Taking charge, Wicket tells Kneesaa and Latara to search from the skies while he and Teebo go on foot. Teebo transforms several vines into magic shoes to help them avoid being sucked underground.

As the Ewoks search on ground and air, Teebo wonders if they will every find Norky. They eventually find Norky but he is determined to find the treasure. After fetching Norky, Wicket had to convince the boy that there was no treasure and that they had tried to get rid of him because he was driving them crazy and getting them into trouble. When Nork asks why they came after him, Wicket says that they never truly meant for any harm to come upon him because he is still their friend. Norky says that he though he did not have friends.

The three boys nearly perished when they fell into a large sinkhole. Teebo almost fell but Norky helped him out. Shorty later, Kneesaa and Latara arrived with their hang gliders. The trio lost their grip but Kneesa and Latara tied their hang gliders together and then dropped a long rope to Wicket, Teebo, and Norky. Norky managed to use his tail to hang on to the rope while he pulled Wicket and Teebo to safety, ensuring that everyone made it out safely.


Back at Bright Tree Village, Norky apologized to Wicket for being a "lerdo." Wicket invited the newly-humbled Norky to come back in the future. When Norky's parents arrived, Norky's mother asked Shodu if he had been no trouble. Shodu reassured him that Norky was a delight. Wicket and Norky shared a hearty laugh to the bemusement of the adults.


Where's Kneesaa's belt?

A continuity error occurs in the episode; While Princess Kneesaa and Latara were on board their hang gliders, the majority of the frames shows the duo wearing their glider's belts, but some frames shows Kneesaa without her belt, or perhaps wearing a occult one.



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