"Brintooin itself is a world of plains, deserts, marshes, scrub, scattered woods, and other flatlands—ideal terrain for armored combat (the reason it was selected as the baseworld for the Hammers)."
―Special unit threat assessment report by New Republic Captain Zgorth'sth[3]

Brintooin was an Outer Rim Territories planet located in the Seswenna sector. The planet's terrain included plains, marshes, and deserts, as well as scrub and woodlands. By the time of the conflict between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, Brintooin was selected as the baseworld for the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, and was populated by Humans fiercely loyal to the Empire.

Following the heavy losses suffered by the Hammers during the Battle of Turak IV, the regiment's commanding officer, Colonel Zel Johans, arranged for the unit to be recalled to Brintooin for rebuilding. Johans organized extensive changes to his regiment, including an influx of new recruits and technological upgrades, all of which helped increase the size and strength of the unit and made Brintooin a center for armored warfare training.

When the Empire began to splinter in the wake of the Battle of Endor, Johans eventually withdrew the Hammers and any affiliated forces to Brintooin, not wanting to participate in the fighting between the various Imperial warlords. Over time, the colonel's forces on Brintooin became increasingly isolated from the larger galactic conflict due to the lack of efficient and independent transportation for their combat vehicles.


Brintooin was a planet[3] located in the Brintooin system, a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Seswenna sector.[1] Its terrain was dominated by various types of flatlands, including plains, deserts, marshes, scrub, and scattered woods.[3]


Base for the Hammers[]

"[…] Johans was promoted to high colonel and the Hammers were recalled to Brintooin to train and build up to regimental strength."
―Special unit threat assessment report by New Republic Captain Zgorth'sth[3]

Brintooin served as the baseworld for the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit.

Since the conditions on Brintooin's surface were especially suited for armored combat, at some point before the Battle of Turak IV between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, the planet was selected as the baseworld for the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, a vanguard armor regiment[3] of the Imperial Army.[4] Following that engagement, which saw the Hammers reduced to roughly a third of its former size, the unit served at a battalion level for more than two years, nonetheless experiencing a rapid succession of victories against the Alliance forces.[3]

Eventually, the Hammers' commanding officer, Colonel Zel Johans, convinced the Imperial Command of the practical value of restoring his unit to regimental strength,[4] and to that end, the Hammers were recalled to Brintooin for reorganization and retraining. Due to the unit's reputation, Brintooin experienced a massive influx of applications from across the Empire for transfer to the Hammers.[3]

On Brintooin, Johans, promoted to the rank of High Colonel, orchestrated an intensive process of candidate selection, training of new recruits—as well as retraining of established troopers—and technological upgrades to the regiment's equipment. The Hammers even trained specially selected tank crews transferred from other Imperial units, and Johans created three new regiments to serve in a proposed armored battlegroup along with the Hammers.[3]

Imperial holdout[]

"Analysts believe Johans intended to wait out the fighting and join a side with a legitimate claim to inherit the Empire, as shown by circumstance. The units rested, repaired their tanks and other equipment and trained."
―Special unit threat assessment report by New Republic Captain Zgorth'sth[3]

High Colonel Zel Johans made Brintooin into his power base.

Immediately following the Battle of Endor[3] of 4 ABY,[5] which saw the death of the Galactic Emperor and the beginning of the Empire's fragmentation, the Hammers regiment and its affiliated units were shipped off Brintooin to participate in the ensuing Imperial crackdowns and battles between competing Imperial warlords. When confronted with having to fight one of his own former units, Johans abandoned the faction the Hammers were fighting for and instead recalled the elite regiment and all affiliated units, as well as any willing Imperial commanders, to withdraw to Brintooin.[3]

On Brintooin, the Hammers and its support regiments entered a period of rest, reparation of equipment, and additional training. Due to the lack of efficient, independent interstellar transportation for the regiments' combat vehicles and Johans' discrimination regarding potential allies among other Imperial holdouts, the colonel's forces became increasingly isolated from the larger conflict between the Imperial remnants and the Rebel Alliance's successor, the New Republic.[3]

Reign of the New Republic[]

"Unless forced by circumstances to another course of action, Johans is likely to remain on Brintooin, isolated and untouchable."
―Special unit threat assessment report by New Republic Captain Zgorth'sth[3]

Johans did eventually ally with the forces commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn; however, the latter's campaign against the New Republic ended too quickly for the Hammers to become involved in extended combat operations. Following the Grand Admiral's defeat, Johans and the Hammers once again returned to isolation on Brintooin.[3]

Captain Zgorth'sth of the New Republic eventually compiled available information on the Hammers and Brintooin as part of a threat assessment report focusing on various special units. In the face of the formidable forces at Johans' disposal and the loyalty of Brintooin's population to the colonel, Zgorth'sth discouraged assorted New Republic military leaders from attempting direct military actions against Brintooin, instead suggesting that a diplomatic solution was in order.[3]


"Life is somewhat restricted, but overall the population is loyal to the Empire as personified by Colonel Johans."
―Special unit threat assessment report by New Republic Captain Zgorth'sth[3]

Many inhabitants of Brintooin were employed in the manufacture of repulsortanks.

The Human population of Brintooin numbered 100 million and largely relied on the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit for livelihood, which employed many in producing repulsortanks as well as in engineering improved designs for the tanks. The planet was nominally administrated by Imperial Governor Thalkuss.[3]

Brintooin's inhabitants were fiercely loyal to Imperial rule, which was personified by the planetary hero and the Hammers' commanding officer, Zel Johans, whose leadership closely related to the ideals propagated by the Imperial Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. Captain Zgorth'sth of the New Republic characterized the life for the planet's population as being somewhat restricted but not under notable oppression.[3]


"Brintooin Base became a center for armored warfare training, […]"
―Special unit threat assessment report by New Republic Captain Zgorth'sth[3]

Brintooin was the site of the military facility known as Brintooin Base, which eventually came to serve as an Imperial center for armored warfare training. In addition, the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit maintained an entire factory complex on Brintooin that was dedicated to the manufacture of repulsortanks. As estimated by New Republic Intelligence, the planet was also outfitted with formidable defenses, including planetary shields.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Brintooin was first mentioned in the 1989 Imperial Sourcebook, written by Greg Gorden and published by West End Games for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[6] "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder Where We Are," a 1990 roleplaying game source article published in Voyages SF 13, placed the Brintooin system, and therefore Brintooin itself, in the Zebitrope sector.[7]

Since that article was released outside of the Lucas Licensing process, its canonicity within the Star Wars Legends continuity was never confirmed.[7] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas subsequently placed the Brintooin system in grid square M-18,[2] and the StarWars.com Online Companion to the book further overrode the Voyages SF 13 placement by establishing that the system was part of the Seswenna sector.[1]


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