The broadsaber was a type of specialized lightsaber model. Due to specialized focusing lenses and emitters, the broadsaber's hilt made a blade that was broader and flatter than a standard lightsaber's cylindrical blade, and as such, gave it a profile that was closer to that of a traditional metal sword. The broadsaber provided a larger overall surface for the blade, while losing the advantages of an omnidirectional cutting edge.[1]

Because of this, broadsabers were not popular among the members of the Jedi Order, with many Jedi Masters believing that it was less elegant than standard lightsabers. Despite this, broadsabers were well suited for Form I techniques, so the form had some masters with the broadsaber.[1]

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The broadsaber was first mentioned in the 2018 Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying sourcebook Knights of Fate.[1]


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