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"The Broken Wing's faced worse."
―Beilert Valance[src]

The Broken Wing was a cruiser piloted by the bounty hunter Beilert Valance during the reign of the Galactic Empire. When Valance was hired by the Hidden Hand criminal syndicate to lead a team on a hunt for the Imperial enforcer Darth Vader, he used the Broken Wing to travel to Hidden Hand outposts on Arvina and Heva. During a skirmish with Vader over Heva, the Broken Wing was shot down and sustained damage, but the starship was retrieved and repaired by the Empire, who took it aboard the Star Destroyer Vengeance after Valance was captured.

Vader ordered Valance to work for the Empire, and Valance flew the Broken Wing to a Rebel Alliance outpost on Lowik to negotiate a deal with the rebel operatives at the outpost. Valance later landed the Broken Wing on the asteroid where the Hidden Hand's main base was located, leading Vader and Imperial forces there to attack the crime syndicate. Valance escaped aboard his starship during the skirmish, and returned to working as a bounty hunter. At the request of old associate and Rebel Alliance member Han Solo, Valance used the Broken Wing to transport the engineer Vharn, but was led into an Imperial blockade by the engineer, who intended to betray the Rebellion. Valance killed Vharn, delivering the schematics the engineer had devised to the rebel rendezvous point.


A cruiser[1] equipped with a hyperdrive, the Broken Wing was propelled by two engines at its rear. One laser cannon was mounted on each of its wings,[2] and a pair of laser cannons were located on the front of the ship. The Broken Wing also had separate cannons on each side, which could be controlled manually by a singular gunner.[1]

Broken Wing on Heva

The Broken Wing during Valance's hunt for Darth Vader.

The Broken Wing's cockpit held only one seat, and could be flown by a single pilot. When the Broken Wing landed on a surface, four landing gear legs and a boarding ramp could be extended from its base. The starship was equipped with a device that the slicer Chio Fain assumed was a customized communications jammer made by Grenyt, though it could also be used to amplify communications.[2]

The starship underwent several modifications during Valance's ownership; a third engine unit was added between the two existing engines, and an orange stripe was painted at the rear of the ship.[3]


Starship of a hunterEdit

"I think we lost them."
"For now, thanks to the Broken Wing. We both know how the Empire thinks, Valance. They won't just give up looking."
―Beilert Valance and Cavic[src]
Broken Wing before

Cavic pilots the Broken Wing through the Outer Rim.

Beilert Valance acquired the Broken Wing[4] some time after being discharged from the Galactic Empire[7] and becoming a bounty hunter.[4] Sometime during the Empire's reign, Valance and fellow bounty hunter Cavic escaped Imperial pursuit in the Broken Wing, with Cavic piloting the starship. The two hunters managed to lose their pursuers in the Outer Rim Territories, and Valance believed that they were safe, but Cavic insisted that the Empire would continue to search for them.[5]

Wishing to hide somewhere that the Empire could not reach them, Cavic piloted the Broken Wing through a nearby asteroid field, ignoring Valance's concerns regarding the danger of doing so. Cavic landed the ship inside an asteroid outpost which he had set up as a refuge from the Empire some time earlier.[5]

Hunt for Darth VaderEdit

Skirmishes with the EmpireEdit

"Valance…those were Imperial ships! What are you doing?! Are you insane?!"
―Dengar, after Beilert Valance destroyed Imperial TIE fighters[src]

Sometime prior to the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY,[8] Valance landed on Coruscant, where he left the Broken Wing in Docking Bay 21 while visiting BG-RT's Tavern and Spirits on Level 1313. After killing a number of bounty hunters that he had allowed to track him to the cantina, Valance returned to the Broken Wing, but was followed by Gwi,[4] the leader of the Hidden Hand crime syndicate,[5] who claimed he was a messenger. Gwi recruited Valance into a team that was dispatched to hunt down Darth Vader, the Sith apprentice of Emperor Palpatine. The crew, which included the bounty hunter Dengar, the slicer Chio Fain, the Gamorrean tracker Honnah, and a sniper by the name of Urrr'k,[4] who was truly the Rebel Alliance agent[7] Gita in disguise as a Tusken Raider,[9] boarded the Broken Wing and began their hunt.[2]

Broken Wing vs TIEs

The Broken Wing destroys several TIE fighters.

In space, Valance attacked and destroyed two Imperial TIE fighters, amplifying their communications signal so that Vader would be able to track them to Arvina, where the crew visited an outpost of the Hidden Hand. Vader, arriving aboard a Star Destroyer, pursued the escaping Broken Wing in his TIE Advanced x1, but Valance managed to jump into hyperspace before Vader could catch him. Having sliced into the data banks of the outpost, Valance's team traveled to[2] a Hidden Hand outpost on Heva.[1]

Shot down over HevaEdit

"The old Broken Wing is about to get a lot more broken."
―Dengar, watching the Broken Wing crash[src]

Having been told where Valance was heading by[2] Dengar, who was secretly an Imperial informant on the team,[9] Vader followed the crew aboard the Star Destroyer[1] Formidable.[9] Valance attacked the Star Destroyer in the Broken Wing, accompanied by bot-drones piloted by Fain. The Formidable sent TIEs to attack the Broken Wing, but Valance managed to avoid their fire, destroying several fighters with the help of "Urrr'k," who was acting as the gunner of the ship's manual cannon.[1]

Broken Wing crash

The Broken Wing, after crashing onto Heva.

Vader attacked the Broken Wing, damaging its cannon. On Valance's signal, Fain used the bot-drones to destroy the Formidable's command tower and cause it to crash. Vader continued to shoot the Broken Wing, damaging its engines. The Broken Wing crashed onto Heva, and Vader boarded the cruiser, but was unable to catch Valance, who had escaped the wreckage.[1]

Recovered by the EmpireEdit

"My ship…? What the—"
―Beilert Valance, encountering the Broken Wing aboard the Vengeance[src]

Valance was ultimately unsuccessful in killing Vader on Heva—Dengar revealed himself as an Imperial informant, and Valance was captured[9] and imprisoned aboard the Star Destroyer Vengeance. The Empire retrieved the Broken Wing, taking the cruiser aboard the Vengeance and repairing it. After escaping his prison cell disguised as a stormtrooper, Valance encountered the Broken Wing, and was confronted by Vader. Under orders from Vader, Valance flew the Broken Wing to his homeworld of Chorin, where the Hidden Hand had originally began. Vader threatened the safety of Chorin's inhabitants, forcing Valance back into the Empire. After leaving Chorin, Valance visited a rebel outpost on Lowik, landing the Broken Wing in a nearby forest.[7]

Broken Wing escape

Valance escapes the Hidden Hand base in the Broken Wing.

After negotiating a deal with rebel operative Aeliar, Valance flew the Broken Wing to the same asteroid outpost that Cavic had constructed years prior, which had been converted into the main base of the Hidden Hand. Valance landed the starship on the surface of the asteroid, but was caught by members of the crime syndicate and taken to Gwi. However, Valance had led Vader to the outpost, and the Empire attacked the forces of the Hidden Hand. With Vader distracted, Valance returned to the Broken Wing and escaped the asteroid. Valance landed at the rebel outpost on Lowik, where the rebels had saved the inhabitants of Chorin from the Empire, leaving shortly afterward.[5]

Transporting a rebelEdit

"There she is…the Broken Wing! Get on board and punch in the hyperdrive coordinates for the rendezvous point while I fire her up."
―Beilert Valance, to Vharn[src]

Following the failed hunt for Vader,[5] Valance returned to taking jobs as a bounty hunter. Sometime after the hunt, Valance was contacted by Han Solo, member of the Rebel Alliance[3] who formerly served as an Imperial cadet alongside Valance.[10] Valance landed the Broken Wing in Docking Bay 13 on the moon Nar Shaddaa, meeting with Solo, who requested that Valance discreetly transport the engineer Vharn, designer of schematics for a shield generator, to a rebel rendezvous. While taking Vharn back to his ship, Valance was attacked by Imperial forces, but managed to defeat them, boarding the Broken Wing with the rebel engineer.[3]

Broken Wing blockade

The Broken Wing exits hyperspace before an Imperial blockade.

Vharn gave Valance the coordinates of the rebel rendezvous point, but the Broken Wing emerged from hyperspace in front of an Imperial blockade—Vharn intended to betray the Rebellion in an attempt to ransom his family's freedom. A number of TIE fighters attacked the Broken Wing, and Valance, who had been given the true coordinates by Solo, destroyed a number of the fighters, avoiding destruction long enough to make the hyperspace jump to the correct rendezvous point. Valance killed Vharn to prevent the traitor from revealing any information to the Empire, and landed the Broken Wing on the rebel flagship Home One, where he delivered the schematics to the Rebel Alliance.[3]

Hunting Nakano LashEdit

"Time to leave this hellhole…for another."
―Valance, departing Eriadu for Galmerah[src]

Valance eventually acquired a droid companion,[6] Nine-Four-El,[11] who assisted him in taking bounties. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Valance visited Black Spire Outpost on[6] the planet[12] Batuu in order to take out a bounty on a Devaronian clan. While on Batuu, Valance learned about the reappearance of his former mentor Nakano Lash, who disappeared after killing a notable client and ruining a mission with Valance and several other hunters.[6] Attempting to track Lash down, Valance took the Broken Wing to the outskirts of Phelar Port on[11] the planet[13] Eriadu. After finding a clue to Lash's location, Valance and Nine-Four-El departed in the Broken Wing, heading for the graveyard planet Galmerah, where the grave of Lash's parents was located.[11]

Commanders and crewEdit

"Well, since silent but deadly up in the cockpit ain't talking, I'll go ahead and answer your stupid questions, Dengar."
―Chio Fain, to Dengar[src]

The Broken Wing was owned and piloted by the bounty hunter Beilert Valance.[4] Early in Valance's bounty hunting career, the Broken Wing was piloted by his associate Cavic, a fellow bounty hunter.[5] During Valance's skirmish against Darth Vader on Heva, the ship's top cannon was manned by[1] Gita,[9] a Rebel Alliance operative who was undercover[7] on the team as a Tusken Raider bounty hunter named "Urrr'k."[1] Following the Battle of Hoth, Valance was accompanied by the droid[6] Nine-Four-El,[11] who reported to Valance from the Broken Wing during bounty hunting jobs.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Broken Wing first appeared in Target Vader 1, a comic written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Marc Laming and Cris Bolson, and published by Marvel Comics[4] on July 3, 2019.[14] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, Valance owned a ship known as the Kill Switch,[15] which first appeared in the 1978 comic Star Wars 16: The Hunter, written by Archie Goodwin and penciled by Walt Simonson.[16]


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