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"I am going to terminate you; not like a soldier or honored veteran. Oh, no. You will be discarded and forgotten, like an obsolete piece of field equipment, and no one will know or care."
―Brom Titus, to Rex[3]

Brom Titus was a human male who served as an admiral and later as a commander in the Galactic Empire's navy. A few years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Titus was in command of the Imperial Interdictor, an experimental Interdictor vessel that the Empire was testing in the Del Zennis system, using the ship's gravity well projectors to pull rebel ships out of hyperspace. Titus managed to capture the Phoenix Cell's Commander Jun Sato and Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, however they were rescued by Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Captain Rex, who disguised themselves as stormtroopers. The rebels destroyed the Interdictor by adjusting the gravity well projectors to pull in every ship nearby when activated, even the Arquitens-class command cruisers, however Titus got away in an escape pod before the ship's destruction.

Following this failure, he was demoted to commander and placed in command of Reklam Station, which was later destroyed by Ezra, after the Phoenix Squadron stole several Y-wing starfighters from the station. Later on, he was placed in command of the Marauder, an Arquitens-class command cruiser. Titus and his ship arrived at the Jalindi relay just as a rebel strike team, composed of Ezra, Chopper and Sabine Wren, were attempting to hack it. During the skirmish that followed, Titus was killed when the Marauder was destroyed after Saw Gerrera and Edrio arrived and blew up the relay.


The Imperial Interdictor debacle[]

Brom Titus was an Admiral in the Imperial Navy who commanded the Imperial Interdictor, an experimental starship equipped with four gravity well projectors capable of pulling starships out of hyperspace. Following Imperial protocol, Titus kept his warship in the Del Zennis system, which was classified as an Imperial test zone. On one occasion, Titus' Imperial Interdictor intercepted a patrol from Phoenix Cell, which was part of a wider rebel network that resisted the Galactic Empire.[3]

In response, the squadron's leader, Commander Jun Sato, traveled on the CR90 corvette Liberator to investigate the disappearance of that rebel patrol. Sato was accompanied by the young Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, who had been sent by Hera Syndulla to help Sato with his mission. Sensing Sato's ship, Titus' Imperial Interdictor pulled the rebel corvette out of hyperspace. After disabling the ship's systems, the Interdictor pulled the Liberator into its ventral hangar bay, where the crew were captured by Titus' stormtroopers.[3]

Admiral Titus then ordered his stormtroopers to bring Commander Sato and Ezra to the Interdictor's command bridge. Sato tried to bluff his way out of trouble by claiming that he and his crew were from the Corporate Alliance, and lambasted the Admiral for illegally detaining them. Titus however, was not daunted by Sato's charade and put him in place by recognizing him as the commander of a growing rebel cell. Titus then turned his attention to Ezra, who claimed that he was Jabba the Hutt. Titus was incredulous of the boy's claims, and stated that, thanks to the chosen alias, he recognized him as none other than Ezra Bridger. Titus then ordered his men to take the prisoners to secure holding cells.[3]

Brom Titus

Admiral Titus during the Interdictor debacle

The Admiral then used a hologram to inform the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus that he had captured Commander Sato and Bridger. Kallus, who had encountered Ezra on numerous occasions, warned Titus to lock him in a secure holding cell with triple guard. Despite Kallus' warnings, Titus refused to believe that a young boy could pose a threat to the Imperial Navy. Unknown to Titus, the rebels Kanan Jarrus, Rex, and Chopper had infiltrated the Imperial Interdictor disguised as stormtroopers and an Imperial communications droid respectively. Meanwhile, Bridger managed to overpower his captors and lock them in his cell.[3]

Upon learning that Ezra had escaped, Admiral Titus ordered his crew to lock down all levels of the Imperial Interdictor and to secure the ship's hangar bays. He also gave his men permission to kill Bridger on sight, not wanting to prove that Agent Kallus was right about not underestimating him. The Admiral's problems were further complicated when he received word from his men that other attackers were impersonating security personnel, and that the rebels had also infiltrated the reactor core controlling the gravity well projectors. Despite their difficulties, Titus' stormtroopers managed to capture one prisoner, whom the Admiral recognized as a clone trooper. He learned Rex's identity after having his number scanned.[3]

Admiral Titus had Rex brought to the command bridge, where he attempted to make a deal with him. He praised Rex and his kind for bringing peace to the galaxy, and expressed disappointment that the former clone was working with the rebellion. The Admiral then offered to grant Rex immunity and reinstatement at an Imperial training academy if he convinced his rebel compatriots to surrender. However, Rex refused to make any deals with the Empire. In response, Titus ordered two of his stormtroopers to hold down the prisoner while an Imperial interrogation droid tortured the Clone veteran.[3]

After a brief moment of respite, Titus ordered the torture droid to have a second go at Rex. Before it could do anything, Kanan, who had infiltrated the bridge disguised as a stormtrooper, destroyed the interrogator droid with his blaster. Instead of standing his ground, the Admiral ordered his stormtroopers to deal with the intruders before fleeing into a separate chamber. After taking out Titus' men, Kanan freed Rex and the two rebels fled the Imperial Interdictor in an escape pod. They then rejoined their rebel comrades, who had fled aboard Commander Sato's corvette. In response to the prisoners' escape, Titus ordered his crew to power up the Imperial Interdictor's gravity well projectors. On the verge of victory, the gravity well projectors malfunctioned, having been sabotaged by Chopper, causing the Interdictor's escort Arquitens-class command cruisers to crash into the Interdictor.[3]

Titus' warship was destroyed in the ensuing explosion, but the Admiral managed to escape in an escape pod. Meanwhile, the rebels fled into hyperspace. Shortly later, Agent Kallus arrived in a Sentinel-class landing craft accompanied by several Imperial Star Destroyers. When the Admiral contacted Kallus via hologram to inform him of his predicament, a smug Kallus asked him if he had had any problems with Ezra. In response, Titus nodded in embarrassment.[3]

Reklam Station[]

Reklam Station underside

Titus was assigned to Reklam Station.

Following his failure to protect the Interdictor, Titus was stripped of his rank of Admiral and demoted to Commander. He was then reassigned to Reklam Station, a scrapyard in the atmosphere of the gas planet of Yarma where old BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers were being dismantled. Commander Titus oversaw a workforce of Ugnaught laborers and DTS-series Dismantler Droids. One of the Ugnaught laborers, Terba, tried to escape but was captured and ended up at the Imperial prison on Naraka. There, Terba met the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who informed the Phoenix rebels about the Y-wings at Reklam Station. Seeking to obtain starfighters, the rebels dispatched a team led by Ezra Bridger to spy on the base. Upon discovering that the Y-wings were being actively scrapped, Ezra decided to change the mission objective and recover the fighters.[6]

One of the Imperial dismantler droids spotted the rebels' ship, the Phantom, and alerted Commander Titus. In response to the perimeter breach, Titus' subordinate officer activated the dismantler droids and sent them after the rebel ship. After losing contact with the dismantler droids and the Phantom, Titus contacted Governor Arihnda Pryce, who had earlier warned him about the rebels. Despite his efforts, the rebels managed to destroy the dismantler droids and infiltrate Reklam Station. They then convinced the local Ugnaught work force to help them steal the fighters in return for their freedom. When the conveyor belt system shut down, Titus contacted Laborer 429 and threatened to throw him off the station if he did not restart the machine.[6]


Titus being threatened by Bridger

After one of the Imperial dismantler droids spotted the rebels, Titus activated the magnetic locks on the Y-wings and sent a squad of stormtroopers to eliminate them. While Rex defeated the last dismantler droid, Ezra defeated Titus' stormtroopers and made his way up to the control room. By this stage, Titus had established contact with Governor Pryce, who ordered him to contain the rebels until reinforcements arrived. Shortly afterwards, Ezra stormed the command room and defeated Titus' guards. The two quickly recognized each other from their earlier encounter aboard the Imperial Interdictor. Seeing a chance to regain his former status by capturing the rebels, Titus rejected Ezra's demand that he release the magnetic locks. He attempted to shoot the boy with his blaster, but Ezra destroyed it with his lightsaber. In an attempt to discourage Ezra, Titus claimed that he had disabled the control unit and that the only to free the ship was to shut down all power to the station, which would kill everyone aboard. However, Ezra was undaunted and disabled the power. With Reklam Station powerless, Titus ordered an evacuation of the station, then ran off to try and escape himself.[6]


Titus was later seen on board the Chimaera being escorted away from the office of Grand Admiral Thrawn by a pair of stormtroopers, along with Captains Brunson and Slavin. The three had been interviewed by the Grand Admiral as part of his investigation into the identity of a rebel spy in the local Imperial ranks. The group was passed by Lieutenant Yogar Lyste and Agent Kallus. The former referred to the trio as officers of the Lothal Sector's Command staff.[5]

The Jalindi relay[]

"This is Commander Brom Titus."
"Is this some kind of a joke?! I am Commander Brom Titus, and I demand an explanation immediately."
"Agh. This is so typical of our luck."
―Ezra Bridger and Brom Titus[2]
Titus Marauder INR

Commander Titus on the bridge of the Marauder.

In 1 BBY, Titus, by now in command of the Arquitens-class cruiser Marauder, arrived at the planet Jalindi to visit the Imperial relay there. His arrival came just as the Spectres were undertaking a mission to hack into the relay so that the Rebel Alliance could know what the Empire was transmitting through the station. Ezra, Sabine Wren and Chopper were on the relay's dish when the Marauder arrived, and were forced to hide behind the dish's main antenna.[2]

When Chopper, on Sabine's orders, attempted to tap into the relay's secondary comm system, he instead sliced into the main communications channel, picking up everything being transmitted to the station, including a transmission sent from the Marauder to the relay. Titus was requesting docking clearance from the outpost. Sabine ordered Chopper to put the Marauder through to the relay so the Imperials wouldn't know anything was wrong, but Ezra had another idea, and attempted to impersonate the relay's commander over the comm. Affecting an accent, he claimed that the Marauder had not been expected until the following rotation, and that their early arrival was causing difficulties. Ezra finished off by asking the ship to come back the next day.[2]

When Titus demanded to know who he was speaking to, Ezra claimed that he was "Commander Brom Titus." Incredulous, Titus had the relay's dish tilted, causing Ezra and Sabine to slide into view of the Marauder's bridge. When Titus saw Ezra waving at him through electrobinoculars, he was incensed, and ordered stormtroopers onto the dish. As Ezra and Sabine fought the troopers, Sabine attempting to plant detonators on the dish, the Ghost came in to pick them up. In response, Titus had his cruiser's two TIE/d "Defender" Multi-Role Starfighters launched, forcing the rebel vessel to retreat. As the Ghost played cat and mouse with the fighters in the mist and rock pillars below, another rebel ship, a U-wing belonging to Saw Gerrera's extremist Partisans, arrived and blasted Titus' cruiser, taking out its deflector shields. Before Titus could react, Gerrera dropped several proton bombs onto the relay's dish, inviting Ezra, Sabine and Chopper aboard his ship. Titus, failing to notice the proton bombs, ordered the Marauder to chase after the U-Wing. By the time the cruiser was in position, the bombs detonated, creating an explosion which engulfed the cruiser and killed Titus, along with his crew.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Brom Titus Reklam Station

Titus after being demoted

Admiral Brom Titus was a cold and arrogant male Imperial Navy officer who took pride in his experimental Imperial Interdictor and desired to use it to combat the growing rebellion.[4] While Titus was not fooled by his rebel captives Commander Sato and Ezra Bridger's charades, he underestimated the young Bridger and refused to believe that the teenager could pose a threat to the entire Imperial Navy. Titus was also sadistic and willing to torture Rex to death for spurning his offer of rejoining the Empire.[3]

Due to his failure to stop the Lothal rebels and Rex from destroying the Imperial Interdictor, Titus was demoted to Commander and was reassigned to managing the Imperial junkyard at Reklam Station. He was tasked with overseeing a workforce consisting of Ugnaught laborers. Based on his conversation with Laborer 429, Titus appeared to be able to understand the Ugnaught language. Titus appeared to be a harsh boss and threatened to throw 429 off of Reklam Station if he did not repair the malfunction.[6] Despite this, Titus showed at least some interest in the crew's and laborers' fate when he ordered the evacuation of the Station, instead of immediately fleeing.[7]

Ever since the incident on the experimental Interdictor, Titus wished to regain his former rank and sought vengeance against Ezra. Titus was visibly enraged when Ezra impersonated him at the Jalindi relay and sought to destroy the young rebel. However, Titus would never succeed as he was ambushed and killed by Saw Gerrera, the leader of the extremist Partisans, ending the his failing career and ultimately his life.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

Despite being a high-ranking Imperial Military officer, Brom Titus appeared to have no combat skills. When he was ambushed by the Jedi Kanan, who had come to rescue his comrade Rex, Titus did not stand his ground and instead fled to another chamber while ordering his men to kill the intruders.[3] On another occasion, he attempted to repel Ezra with his blaster but the young Jedi destroyed his weapon with his lightsaber and knocked him to the ground.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

"One of my favorite recurring bits in Rebels was constantly demoting Brom Titus."
Pablo Hidalgo[8]

Brom Titus first appeared in the ninth episode of the second season of Star Wars Rebels, "Stealth Strike," and was voiced by Derek Partridge.[3] He later reappeared in the third season's premiere episode Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow,[6] as well as in the fourth season episode "In the Name of the Rebellion."[2] Over the course of his appearances, a running joke emerged about how, with each subsequent appearance, he was of lesser rank.[8]


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