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"Science. Technology. The Force. Life. All can be turned to our purpose."
―Dread Master Brontes[src]

Brontes, also known as the "Architect of Fear", was a powerful female Sith sorceress and member of the Dread Masters. She lived throughout much of the Sith Empire's history, with her insights into the nature and purposes of Sith artifacts leading the Sith Emperor to order an expansion of a nearby Sith tomb into the Dark Temple[3] not long after the Empire's arrival on Dromund Kaas in 4980 BBY.[4] Brontes wielded no lightsaber, but instead utilized her absolute mastery of the Force's dark side to dispatch her foes. By her orders, Dread Forces on Oricon were modified with technological enhancements and weapons. The huge beast Grob’thok and Corruptor Zero's robotic army were all brought down by Republic and Imperial strike teams during Dread Fortess operation raid.

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