"GHHHRRRRRR! <Insert the sounds of breaking furniture>"

Brooser was a large, simian looking Human male native to the planet Celanon. At a height of 2.2 meters and weighing over 150 kilograms, his bulk consisted of all muscle except for a Jargridian Brandy belly around his middle. Brooser was easily provoked and had a passion for fighting and gambling. Nonetheless, he loved his girlfriend, the beautiful Jezzable, above all else. However, Jezzable's flirtatious attitude toward other males aggravated Brooser's jealousy and penchant for physical violence.


Born on the planet Celanon[1] in the final decades of the Old Republic,[2] Brooser was a thirty-seven-year-old Human male during the early years of the New Republic. Standing at a height of 2.2 meters and weighing over 150 kilograms, Brooser was a large man—considerably simian in appearance—whose mass consisted of all muscle, except for a protruding belly gained from the consumption of Jargridian Brandy. Brooser garnered the most joy from fighting, reveling in the slightest provocation, with a zeal for gambling a close second. More than his vices, though, he loved his girlfriend, the beautiful and seductive Jezzable.[1] However, her blatantly coquettish manner with the spacers who traveled through their home of Celanon City[3][4] drove him to the zenith of jealousy.[1]

One afternoon, Brooser was present at Gularg's Libation Emporium, a local drinking establishment, when he noticed that Jezzable was assiduously flirting with a newly arrived smuggler. Having decided that he didn't like the look of the smuggler, Brooser provoked a brawl, in which the other patrons soon joined. The fracas continued until blaster weapons were drawn. At that point, Gularg, the Hutt owner of the locale—and an individual who did not condone the use of firearms in his bar—disarmed the opponents and ended the altercation.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Brooser was a strong, tough working-class man who took pleasure, and was rather skilled, in fighting with his bare hands. One of the most common items that he carried with himself included brass knuckles. Brooser was easily agitated and provoked into displays of violence,[1] especially by Jezzable's provocative actions toward males of all species.[5] Some individuals found Brooser's physical appearance to be anomalous in regard to a standard Human. At one point, a freighter captain named Jorgan Blech compared Brooser to a Wookiee. What was left of the hapless captain after Brooser was finished with him was then pummeled by a Wookiee for insulting his people.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Brooser first appeared in The Right Place ..., one of the five adventure scenarios written for The Politics of Contraband, a 1992 West End Games supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. His scenario and character were later reprinted in Classic Adventures, published in 1995.

Although Brooser is a character who appears in The Right Place ... and can be approached by a player's character, it is the Gamemaster's discretion as to whether the player will participate in the mini-scenario Punched out!, in which Brooser will brawl with a player. However, if it is decided that the scenario will be used, the scenario Flirtatious advance, in which Jezzable flirts with the player, must be presented first, as Punched out! is the conclusion to Flirtatious advance.[4]

Brooser's character template type is given as "Tough Native" in The Politics of Contraband,[1] which is not one of the standard templates found in The Roleplaying Game.[6][7][8] Neither was the template present in Heroes & Rogues, a West End Games character creation and template supplement.[9] However, as it is possible for a player to create a new template for their own individual characters, "Tough Native" may be used as an example template in generating a unique template or character.[6][7][8]


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