Brophar Tofarain was a civilian mechanic who joined the crew of the FarStar during the hunt for Moff Kentor Sarne.


Early life and Kal'ShebbolEdit

After achieving the rank of sergeant in a planetary militia in the Mid Rim, Tofarain spent several years traveling the space lanes as a starship mechanic. He eventually made his way to Kal'Shebbol, where he opened a repair facility. He made a fortune working for free-traders and smugglers, and even did some work for Moff Sarne.

Tofarain lost his business to an errant concussion missile during the New Republic's liberation of Kal'Shebbol. However, Tofarain and his staff survived since they had taken shelter in a nearby tavern.

Service onboard the FarStarEdit

In his typically outspoken and pushy style, he demanded a spot on the FarStar as compensation for his loss. To his mind, if the New Republic couldn't reimburse him with credits, then they owed him enough to take him on the voyage since he had nowhere else to go. He offered his services as a mechanic, transport chief, and shuttle pilot. To sweeten the deal, he offered to lend his personal ship, the Muvon, to the mission for transport duties.

Alongside the Wookiee Lofryyhn, Tofarain maintained the FarStar's starfighters and support ships, and assisted with technical support on ground missions.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tofarain was the stereotypical mechanic - slightly pudgy, gruff, and constantly covered in grime. Convinced that he was best mechanic on the FarStar, he would often insist on doing major repair jobs himself rather than delegate them to subordinates. He didn't trust others to do the work correctly, and often found fault in the work of others.

He also liked to dole out advice on everything, including how the FarStar mission should be run. While the crew respected his advice on technical manners, they ignored his advice regarding command decisions.

Tofarain's greatest concern was to see as much of the Galaxy as he could before taking his final jump. Because of this, he insisted on piloting the Muvon, claiming that no one else could handle his ship properly. In reality, it was his excuse to see new worlds, get in on some action, and maybe score some credits.

The Muvon was Tofarain's pride and joy, and he was extremely attached to the vessel. When it was stolen by Gorak Khzam, Tofarain swore revenge on the Rodian.



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