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"If ego could power shields, you'd be invincible."
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Bror Jace was one of the original members of Rogue Squadron's second reformation, serving as Rogue Four for a brief time.


A Thyferran native, Jace was a prominent member of Zaltin Corporation. His membership in the squadron was brought about by equal parts piloting skill and political concession. The New Republic wished to keep the bacta cartels happy and so put one person from each corporation on the squadron. Though dedicated to the New Republic cause, Bror was an arrogant man who was convinced that he was the most skilled of Rogue Squadron's new recruits. Throughout his time in the squadron, he found a rival and equal as a pilot in Corran Horn, whom Bror regarded as the only new pilot in the squadron who could truly compete with him. In the end, Bror won the rivalry with twenty-two kills to Corran's twenty-one.

After the Second Battle of Borleias, Bror received a message from home, saying that the family patriarch was dying. En route, however, his X-wing was pulled from hyperspace by the Imperial Interdictor cruiser Black Asp and destroyed. This, the rest of the squadron would later find out, was a ruse to bring him home to work with the Ashern rebels within Zaltin to plan a civil war against Xucphra, Zaltin's rival, and Ysanne Isard.

Jace rejoined Rogue Squadron to help bring down Isard and free his home planet. He flew with the squadron during its battle with the Lusankya. After the Rogue's victory at Thyferra, when Wedge Antilles and the rest of the squadron were making their choices on whether they were going to stay with the squadron, Jace chose to leave the squadron again to head the formation of a Thyferran Aerospace Defense Force.


Rogue Four, Bror Jace



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