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The Brotherhood of Darkness,[6] also known as the Sith Brotherhood,[7] the Sith Empire,[8] or the Sith army, was an empire of the Sith in which the Sith Lord Darth Bane served[2] during the dark age of the Old Republic,[9] a thousand years before the Clone Wars. While serving in the Sith army, Bane realized that infighting and greed from other dark-side warriors created a weakness.[2] The Brotherhood fought the Jedi Order in a series of crusades against the Army of Light.[6] The infighting eventually led to the defeat of their dark-side order, as the Jedi Order all but destroyed the weakened Sith.[10]


The Brotherhood of Darkness, also named the Sith Brotherhood, Sith Empire, or Sith army,[1] was an empire of the Sith.[11] It consisted of many warriors of the Sith including the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane.[2] The empire was active on the planet Auratera until its demise.[11]


A millennium before the Galactic Civil War, the Brotherhood of Darkness[1] rose to power, becoming an empire of the Sith. The empire was active on the planet Auratera during this time, and the Sith eventually participated in the Jedi-Sith War in 1032 BBY against the Jedi Order. During the war, the greed of the Sith eventually resulted in infighting, allowing the Jedi and the Galactic Republic to defeat the Empire, becoming the last empire of the Sith at the time. The inhabitants of Auratera coordinated with the Jedi to secretly alter official Republic records to misclassify the system as uninhabitable. As such, the inhabitants and the planet became nearly closed off to the rest of the galaxy, and eventually cut ties with the few remaining trading partners that they had when the Sith Empire fell.[11]

Darth Bane was the sole survivor of the Brotherhood, and established the Rule of Two that served as a doctrine for the surviving Sith for the next thousand years.[2] Eventually, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, who followed the Rule of Two, destroyed the Republic from within during the Clone Wars after becoming Supreme Chancellor and commenced the Great Jedi Purge that destroyed most of the Jedi Order. The Galactic Empire rose from the Republic, cementing Sith rule throughout the galaxy.[5]

Behind the scenes[]


The Brotherhood of Darkness as depicted in Star Wars Legends

The Brotherhood of Darkness was first mentioned in Star Wars canon as the "Sith army" in Star Wars Helmet Collection 28.[7] The Brotherhood was mentioned in a datascreen in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Cat and Mouse,"[12] though Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin has stated he would consider it more of an easter egg.[13]

In Star Wars Legends, the Brotherhood of Darkness first appeared in the Dark Forces: Jedi Knight comic book that was based on the video game of the same name.[14] It was an organization of Sith that was created by the Sith Lord Skere Kaan.[15]



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