"I trust you can get us inside?"
"What, a piece-of-junk freighter like this?"
―Brierly Ronan and Dayja Collerand[src]

The Brylan Ross was a freighter used to ship components for the Galactic Empire's Project Stardust. It was set to leave the spaceport from Tiquwe on Aloxor carrying vital components which Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit planned to steal, but Assistant Director Brierly Ronan, who had been sent to accompany Eli Vanto on a mission to Aloxor by Grand Admiral Thrawn, boarded the freighter with the help of Imperial Security Bureau agent Dayja Collerand. Ronan did not expect to find any evidence that showed that Project Stardust's supply lines had been compromised, but found high-priority components that were not meant to be sent aboard the freighter. He attempted to take the freighter and the evidence to Scarif to speak with Director Orson Krennic, unaware that Collerand had waited aboard the ship. When attempting to leave, the Brylan Ross was caught in the tractor beam of the Star Destroyer Stormbird, and captured by Captain Lochry.[1]

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