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Stormtroopers on Gozanti

The term "buckethead" referred to stormtroopers.

"And you bucketheads are gonna to be sorry when my uncle, the Emperor, finds out you're keeping me here against my will!"
―Ezra Bridger, attempting to trick two stormtroopers[1]

"Buckethead" (also spelled "bucket-head" or "bucket head") was a derogatory nickname used to refer to stormtroopers during the reign of the Galactic Empire, or others wearing similar armor. It referred to the helmets of the stormtroopers, shaped like buckets,[1] which even among members of the Empire were sometimes referred to colloquially as "buckets."[2] Ezra Bridger applied the term to both stormtroopers and Agent Kallus,[1] and Han Solo even applied it to TIE fighter pilots.[3] Well over thirty years later, the term was still in use and used by Poe Dameron in reference to stormtroopers of the First Order.[4] Kazuda Xiono also used the term during the Battle of Castilon.[5]

The term was used by one B1-series battle droid to insult another B1 during the Ambush on Rugosa during the Clone Wars.[6]

"Bucket-head" was also used to refer to BB-series astromech droids that possessed dome-shaped heads with a flat top, such as the droid CB-23,[7] who was a member of the Resistance.[8]


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