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"Enemy located. Engaging now."
―Bug One, during the fighting on Kr[1]

Bug One was a YVH-Series bugcruncher battle droid that fought for the New Jedi Order during the Dark Nest Crisis. Along with three other bugcrunchers, Bug One accompanied Captain Han Solo of the starship Millennium Falcon and a team of Jedi to the moon of Kr on a mission to rescue Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, from the Killiks of the Gorog nest. In the zero-gravity conditions of the ethmane corridors on Kr, Bug One fought swarms of the Gorog Killiks until he was disabled by a barrage of electrobolt fire as the team made its way to aid the Skywalkers.


"Major eneeemyyy conceeeee… Deeeeee…eee…e…"
―Bug One, disabled by the Gorog Killiks[1]

Bug One was produced by Tendrando Arms and was active during the period of the Dark Nest Crisis, a series of conflicts in the Unknown Regions involving the Killiks of the Colony, the Chiss Ascendancy, the New Jedi Order, and the Galactic Alliance.[1] In 35 ABY,[2] Tendrando Arms loaned Han Solo, captain of the freighter Millennium Falcon, Bug One and three other YVH-Series 5-S Bugcruncher battle droids, named Bug Two through Four, all of whom were specifically programmed to Solo's specifications. The droid quartet accompanied Solo; his wife and Jedi trainee, Leia Organa Solo; and a team of four Jedi Knights in the Millennium Falcon to the planet Qoribu's moon of Kr, the nesting site of the Gorog Killiks, who were manipulating the Colony into engaging the Chiss in increasing acts of warfare.[1]

While the Chiss and the Killiks of the Colony clashed above Qoribu, the Millennium Falcon took Bug One and the other members of the team down a hangar shaft in Kr's ethmane jungles to the nest site, aiming to rescue Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, who were fighting Gorog Killiks there. Bug One and the other YVH droids disembarked from the freighter ahead of the other passengers into Kr's zero-gravity conditions before the entire team ventured into the nest's maze of ethmane tunnels, with the non-Jedi members using thrusters and the Jedi using the Force to propel themselves. Before long, Bug One engaged the first of the Gorog whom they found in the fragile ethmane tunnels. Despite their losses, the Gorog came at the rescue team in a relentless swarm, and Bug One, along with Bug Two and Bug Three, soon exhausted their supply of laminanium repair ingots replenishing their armor damaged in the fighting.[1]

Seeing that using only blasters and the Jedi's lightsabers would not get them through the swarm to find Skywalker and Jade, Solo authorized "By Any Means" status, permitting Bug One and the other YVH droids to use their grenade launchers to fight the enemy, despite the fragility of the tunnels. The use of thermal detonators in the droids' grenade launchers allowed the team to press forward at a much quicker pace, destroying the opposing Killiks in bunches. However, at the head of the team, Bug One met a fierce counterattack from the Gorog at a corner in the tunnels, and a barrage from the Killiks' electrobolt assault rifles sent a disabled Bug One spinning into a wall and an armed detonator from his grenade launcher floating near the team. The Jedi used the Force to send the detonator at the Killiks before it could go off, and the rescue team went on to relieve the Skywalkers, who were fighting farther ahead in the tunnels.[1]


"Authorization code do it now accepted. "By Any Means" status—" [thermal detonator explodes]
―Bug One, authorized to use thermal detonators[1]

As a fourth-degree[4] YVH 5-S Bugcruncher battle droid,[1] Bug One possessed the droid series' customary masculine programming and the voice of Tendrando Arms creator Lando Calrissian.[3] He was also equipped with the series' space chassis[5] and had thrusters that permitted him to travel in zero-gravity conditions. Armored in laminanium, Bug One could use ingots of the metal to repair himself mid-battle, and he was further equipped with a blaster cannon, a grenade launcher that fired thermal detonators, a comlink, and green lubricant in his internal systems. The battle droid required authorization to activate "By Any Means," or BAM, status, which allowed him to use any means at his disposal to complete the current task.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Bug One first appeared in the 2005 novel Dark Nest I: The Joiner King, the first volume of Star Wars: The Dark Nest Trilogy, written by Troy Denning.[1]


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