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"Send out the bugle boy…it is time!"
―Lord Hoth[src]

The bugle boy was a male Human recruited into the Army of Light during the New Sith Wars.


A male Human was recruited into the Jedi Order's Army of Light during the final decade of the New Sith Wars. Charged with sounding the war bugle to rouse the Army for battle, the young boy served under Jedi Lord Hoth during the Ruusan campaign following the declaration of support from the Jedi Grand Council.[1]

Bugleboysdeath jvs4

The bugle boy lays dead on the battle field.

During the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, the bugle boy joined in the company of Jedi General Kiel Charny when the group of Jedi and loyal soldiers confronted the Brotherhood of Darkness in open combat. During the fighting, the Sith used the Force to destroy the forest surrounding the battlefield, leveling the Charny's forces. During the fighting, the unarmed bugle boy was slain and his body left broken on the field of battle.[1]


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