"I always knew there was something funny down here."
―Jolee Bindo[src]

The Builder Forge was installed on the surface of Kashyyyk by the Rakata during the reign of the Infinite Empire, sometime before 33,598 BBY.[4] Its purpose was initially the monitoring of a planet-wide agricultural reformation, that Kashyyyk had to undergo due to its inability to sustain sufficient levels of production. However, a malfunction in 33,357 BBY, 241 standard years after its last interaction with the builders,[4] caused the project to continue well past the point at which it was meant to stop, resulting in the overgrowth of the giant wroshyr trees, as well as in the accelerated evolution of various species. The installation also included a Star Map, an artifact holding the hyperspace coordinates of the Star Forge, the seat of power of the Rakata. When Darth Revan discovered it in 3961 BBY, he retrofitted the computer with a Basic-speaking holocron interface which was meant to restrict access to himself, and also erased the Star Map data access history.[2][3]

Since then, the computer recorded various attempts, all denied, until Revan returned in 3956 BBY with former Jedi Jolee Bindo, seeking access to the Star Map. While in exile on Kashyyyk, Jolee happened to discover the huge computer. He tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to communicate with it 152 times. Freyyr, a Wookiee Chieftain who had lived in the Shadowlands for 19 years then,[5] also attempted to examine the machine three times, and like Jolee, could not get it to respond to his commands.

A preliminary neural recognition granted the amnesiac Revan restricted access, but he had to answer a series of questions for a behavioral reconfiguration of the subject due to its new identity.

Unfortunately for the duo, Revan's questions did not match the expected answers, and two defense droids were activated for an alternative neural scan involving battle. The droids were defeated and Revan was granted access to the Star Map, as according to the computer, his emotions in battle matched the patterns it had in its data banks.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the non-canon dark side storyline, Revan answers the questions according to the pattern he established earlier, gaining access to the computer without having to combat the droids, as well as earning 'dark side points'.

The holocron's behavior test in hypothetical situations would put the player against some of his companions, if he chose them to accompany him in that portion of the game; Mission Vao would not be happy with the answer to the question involving the betrayal of her Wookiee companion Zaalbar; in the same way, Carth Onasi would also be disapproving of the answer to the question about the sacrifice of an entire city in a war scenario to assure ultimate victory over the enemy. The war scenario is actually a direct copy of a similar dilemma in WWII.

The holocron would directly grant unrestricted access to the Star Map if Revan already went through the Leviathan and learned of his lost identity, which takes place when the player has but one Star Map left to uncover.



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