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"Onca, you and your brother have been a legendary team. This challenge may prove difficult with you alone."
―Dooku, to Onca, after Bulduga's death[src]

Bulduga was an Ithorian male bounty hunter who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He and his brother, Onca, became a legendary team of bounty hunters and caught the attention of the Sith Lord and Confederate leader Count Dooku. The Count intended to recruit five bounty hunters to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic and invited twelve, including Bulduga and Onca, to the planet Serenno to test their skills. However, Bulduga was killed prior to the competition by fellow bounty hunter Cad Bane for his hat.


"Nice hat. Where did you get it?"
―Bane, shortly before killing Bulduga[src]

Bulduga was an Ithorian male[3] from the planet Ithor[1] who lived during the galaxy-wide Clone Wars. Together with his brother Onca, Bulduga became a bounty hunter, and they formed a team which gained legendary status.[3] While his brother favored finesse over firepower, Bulduga fancied himself as a fast-drawing gunslinger.[4][5] Around 21 BBY,[2] Bulduga and Onca caught the attention of the Sith Lord and Confederate leader Count Dooku, who invited the Ithorians to the planet Serenno. There, the Count planned to test the abilities and skills of several well-known bounty hunters to find a team worthy for a mission the Count had prepared—the kidnapping of the Republic Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[3]


Bulduga and Onca await the arrival of Moralo Eval on Serenno.

On Serenno, the bounty hunters were to face the Box, a huge structure filled with a number of deathtraps. The five bounty hunters who survived in the Box were to be taken for the mission. After arriving on Serenno, Bulduga and Onca, as well as the bounty hunters Embo, Sinrich, Kiera Swan, Twazzi, Sixtat, Derrown, Jakoli, and Mantu, awaited the arrival of Moralo Eval, the constructor of the Box. When Eval arrived, he brought another two bounty hunters with him—the famed Duros Cad Bane and Rako Hardeen, a marksman from the planet Concord Dawn. However, when the trio and Dooku met with the rest of the bounty hunters, Bane spotted Bulduga's wide-brimmed hat and inquired where the Ithorian had got it. Bulduga responded by drawing his blaster pistol, but Bane was quicker; he shot Bulduga and took his hat. Onca did nothing to avenge his brother's death and ultimately died during the competition in the Box.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Bulduga was an Ithorian,[3] a species known to be peaceful.[4] However, he and Onca differed much from other Ithorians and became deadly bounty hunters.[4][3] Bulduga favored a fast-drawn blaster pistol and was able to become a quick gunslinger, despite his Ithorian bulk.[4][5] However, when challenged by Bane, he was not quick enough to beat the famous Duros and was killed.[3] Bulduga wore a wide-brimmed hat, red-lensed goggles, and a low-slung holster. That led some people to wonder if Bulduga tried to copy Bane, although no one dared to ask the Ithorian. Bulduga and his brother were well known in their line of work and were considered a legendary team and some of the best bounty hunters during the Clone Wars.[4][3] Bulduga had brown skin and stood 2.27 meters tall.[1] His preferred weapon was a modified Luxan Penetrator.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bulduga first appeared without any spoken lines in "The Box", the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. He also received an entry in the Encyclopedia on and was mentioned in the "Rogues Gallery" article in Star Wars Insider 132.



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