The bulfus (plural, bulfusi) was a large flying mammal native to Corulag. Undulating through the air at night like flying otters, bulfusi were dark-furred, muscular, oily creatures with long whiskers and double-lidded eyes. Bulfusi were nocturnal predators that lived and hunted near lakes, ponds, swamps, or tracts of mud. They were capable of hunting in the air or snatching prey from land or water.

Bulfus pups clung to the chest of their parent until they reached five months old and learned to fly. An adult bulfus was roughly the size of an adolescent humanoid, unusually large for a flying mammal. In fact, a dive-bombing attack from a bulfus was capable of knocking a Wookiee off its feet.

Bulfusi could be domesticated with effort, but made poor pets due to their size and appetite. Some of Corulag's inhabitants trained them as guard animals.


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