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"The engineers called the design the Bulwark Mark I—a kilometer-long behemoth with turbolasers, ion cannons, and enough armor to ram small ships with impunity."
Voren Na'al[2]

The Bulwark Mark I, also known as the Bulwark-class battleship, was a kilometer-long warship, manufactured by the Techno Union in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, that was heavily armored and equipped with turbolasers and ion cannons. During the galactic conflict, several such vessels made up the Separatist Bulwark Fleet, which terrorized Republic forces in the Core Worlds before its destruction. One Bulwark Mark I later served with the New Republic's Rapid Response Task Force during the Battle of Mindor.


The Bulwark Mark I was a thousand-meter-long warship[2] developed and produced by the Techno Union at the Foerost Shipyards prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars.[4] The warship was armed with turbolasers and ion cannons, and possessed armor that enabled it to ram smaller starships while taking no damage.[2] The warship was classified as a Star Destroyer under the Anaxes War College System.[5]


Developed by the Techno Union before the Clone Wars,[3] the Bulwark Mark I was produced by Union engineers at the shipyards above the Core World of Foerost.[2] When war broke out between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems—of which the Techno Union was a member—in 22 BBY,[6] Republic forces initiated a blockade of Foerost, hoping the planet's shipyards would suffer from the lack of Separatist supplies. However, in 20 BBY, almost two years into the conflict, the Sullustan Dua Ningo assumed command of the Bulwark Fleet, an armada of Bulwark Mark I warships, and broke the Republic's blockade.[2] With Ningo commanding from the Unrepentant,[5] the Bulwark Fleet defeated everything that stood in its way during a campaign throughout Coruscant's Sector Zero before being defeated by the Republic Victory Fleet at the Battle of Anaxes.[2]

A successor class, the Bulwark Mark II, was also produced for the Confederacy. Following the Clone Wars, TransGalMeg Industries used the Mark I design as inspiration for the Bulwark Mark III battlecruiser,[5] which was utilized by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.[7] A retrofitted Bulwark Mark I served with the New Republic's Rapid Response Task Force and participated in the Battle of Mindor in 5 ABY. The modified battleship possessed a Class 0.6 hyperdrive, additional shielding, space for at least three starfighter squadrons, and several Jadthu-class landing ships secured to its hull.[3]

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"Good catch on the Bulwark battlecruiser from the game Rebellion. Note that this is actually the "Bulwark Mark I," however. It's still definitely a Rebellion tie-in, but I wanted to make sure I depowered the ship enough for it to fit into the Clone Wars timeframe."
―Daniel Wallace[src]

The Bulwark Mark I was introduced in The New Essential Chronology, a 2005 reference book authored by Daniel Wallace.[2] The warship was included as a nod to the Bulwark-class battle cruiser from the 1998 video game Star Wars: Rebellion.[8] In 2008, the Bulwark Mark I received a mention in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia in the entry for the planet Foerost,[4] as well as an appearance in Matthew Stover's novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, in which it was referred to as a "Bulwark-class battleship."[3] In 2012, The Essential Guide to Warfare referenced the Bulwark Mark I, in addition to introducing the Mark II and identifying the battle cruiser from Rebellion as the Bulwark Mark III.[5]



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