Bundim was a planet in Trax sector where the Rebel Alliance lost the Battle of Heg. Commander Resner believed that Bundim was base of operations for the Alliance forces that began rebelling in Trax Sector, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The planetary government secretly attempted to remove the Imperial presence from the planet, but an inside source alerted the Empire to Bundim's plans.

The Empire's response was swift, and meant to make an example of Bundim for the rest of the sector. A number of merchant ships were destroyed and many cities leveled in aerial bombardments. Bundim was garrisoned and subjugated in less than a week. The Alliance worked diligently to help the natives liberate themselves, but their efforts were nearly thwarted after the Battle of Heg. Kentara, one of the first Alliance agents captured, later returned and helped to complete the liberation work.

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