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Bunker Krill was an underground bunker on Umbara. During the Battle of Umbara, it was attacked by Trandoshan Pirates including Krussk, Mrash, and Skrisst. It was further infiltrated by a Jedi Knight, who managed to defeat all Umbaran and Trandoshan forces. It was attacked by the Trandoshan Pirates because they wanted to use it as a base and to help order supplies for their mining operations on Umbara.

History[edit | edit source]

When a Jedi Knight was sent to check out Trandoshan Forces spotted on the planet, the Jedi encountered an Umbaran Bunker on his way. The Jedi entered the Bunker and discovered that Trandoshans had took the base via the evidence of Trandoshan pirates spread out and fried B1 Battle Droids laying on the floor. The Jedi attacked the Trandoshans in front of him and executed them. The Jedi made his/her way through several tunnels encountering several Trandoshan Miners, Medics and Rifler. The Jedi discovered Trandoshans firing upon B1 Battle Droids defending themselves, Trandoshans standing near a disabled Umbaran Hover Tank and Trandoshans fighting off Umbaran and Droid Forces. Additionally, the Jedi discovered knocked down shelves, racks, bunk beds, and storage canisters. Eventually, the Jedi discovered that the bunker was still under siege since a large portion of the Bunker was filled with CIS Forces. The Jedi fought through the remnants of the CIS Forces until they encountered a room filled with some Trandoshans who were hiding there. These Trandoshans, Krussk, who was a commander, Mrash, who was a gunner, and Skrisst, who was a medic lead the attack on the Bunker. The Jedi entered the room and behind him a ray shield dropped down preventing them from escaping. They soon engaged the three Trandoshans. After a long hassle of blaster fire and deflected return fire, the Jedi finally killed all three Trandoshans.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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