Bur'lorr was a Yuuzhan Vong subaltern. He worked for Nom Anor and contacted Goran Beviin and some other Mandalorians, after the Battle of New Holgha. Bur'lorr commanded them to hunt down the Jedi, Kubariet, who was wounded and attempting to escape the planet. Instead, the Mandalorians slipped useful intel to the Jedi to aid the New Republic against the Vong, and were forced to kill Bur'lorr to cover the Jedi's escape. The group of supercommandos jumped the Vong warrior, and Beviin laboriously strangled Bur'lorr with a pair of illegal Mandalorian crushgaunts. Beviin then took a small piece of Bur'lorr's scalp as a trophy. Mandalorian Suvar Detta took other pieces of Bur'lorr's body for bio-testing.



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