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The Bureau of Ships and Services,[3] abbreviated as BoSS,[4] was an organization that maintained a registry of starships. The Bureau of Ships and Services listed that the first owner of the Libertine was Valis of Kuhlvult, a Kuati diplomat, who had christened the vessel as the Steadfast. Eventually, the Steadfast was renamed as the Libertine and was owned by Korfé Bennux-Ai an individual born into wealth on Celanon and was a top-ranking manager for the Sienar-Jaemus corporation. In 34 ABY, the Libertine was stolen by DJ, an unprincipled criminal and slicer, and used by Rose Tico, Finn, and BB-8.[3]

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The Bureau of Ships and Services was first mentioned in Rey's Survival Guide, a book authored by Jason Fry and released in 2015.[5] In an interview, Alden Ehrenreich talked about research for his upcoming role as Han Solo, and mentioned that he read articles on Wookieepedia, taking note of the Bureau of Ships and Services among others.[6]


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